Monday Musings

Dec 24, 2012

If you are one of those fancy folks who likes calculate pace, or a newbie looking to see what its all about, this Pace Calculator is easy to use and doesn't require a Phd.

Enlisted the help of a Nutritionist to demystify fats, proteins, tell me a bottle of wine is one serving, and the proper foods to eat pre and post run. Cuz short hasn't cared for thirty years and the ass dimples are increasing. First on my to do list? Log every morsel that passes my lips on Lose It. Eye.Opening. More deets on my visit coming soon...

Since starting TAM I tackle the scale 1x week, measure before/after each level, and take photos before/after each level to document. Healthy Bitch gabs about weighing yourself versus measuring yourself. Like them, I avoid my scale like an STD save for the one fateful visit a week to the digital bitch to see just how out of hand or awesome I am. I'd love to say I can throw my scale away like a Zena Warrior Princess, but we all know that's like saying I'll give up wine for Lent...

Gangnam Style. The most viewed YouTube video.  Go ahead, you know you wanna see it...

Meeting the parents this Christmas? I am. Luckily I stalked the internet stumbled upon tips for proper attire to wear. God Bless America my outfits are chosen (kinda, sorta), now - anyone have a xanax, to calm my nerves?

What are you musing about this Monday?

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