Photo Diary: Run. Turkey. Nap.

Dec 5, 2012

What a better way to spend Thanksgiving morning than outside in the cold running six miles? Yep, we are that awesome.  

We were "supposed" to dress up as Indians for the race, but Amie had a slight wardrobe malfunction, brought a different costume, then decided against that and wore simply the headdress. Jerk. But as she so eloquently put it, "her DIY costume looked like Edward Scissorhands made it". When she texted me that pic I peed a little I laughed so hard. 

This race has runner tracking via text message which delighted me almost as much as an additional 30% off at JCrew. Almost. And since I'm such a thoughtful person I sent messages to my entire family and M. So they could feel loved. And be awake at 7 am cuz I was. 

The message looked like this:
K/W Turkey Day Run:
MARCIA GINGER crossed the Finish at 09:16 AM
Course time: 01:02:56
Pace: 10:30 min/mi

Bib: 5012
Time: 1:02:56 - 186 out of 235 in my age group; 1,077 out of 1,270 overall

My mom (left) and Aunt Cathy surprised us and were at the finish line cheering. Words cannot describe how awesome it felt to see their faces as I rounded the corner to the finish.  And realized I should probably smile and not look like I left my lungs at mile 4...

We attempted "action" photos...

Amie was dignified and didn't make a total ass of herself jumping around like yours truly. 
Starting out together at a faster pace than I was used to I made it about a mile or so before Amie realized I was probably gonna die if I didn't slow down, had mercy on my soul and ran ahead while I slowed my roll to a comfortable pace and found my stride. There were a few hills which blew ass, but overall the course was great. Running through quaint neighborhoods with the residents outside with signs (and mini doughnuts - totally should've stopped for one) was fun.  

As I round the last turn toward the finish, I see Amie running towards me, which I found odd cuz I knew she should've finished a good 5 minutes before me.  You know what she said? "I want to run the rest with you"! Who does that?! I fully planned on finidng her after the finish, but I felt SO blessed to have such a selfless running partner to come back for me after they had just run the same race. Best. Sole Sister. Ever.  

While normally I can spot a camera (type in bib # 5012) lens on me from 100ft apparently I was concentrating a little too hard on the finish line and NOT paying attention to my surroundings, cuz this happened:

Yep. That's me catching flies with my WIDE open trap. I'm available for modeling gigs with that face - obviously.

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