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Jan 2, 2013

Nothing beats a steaming cup of caffeinated heaven, though a large glass of wine ties for first. As of late, you know since my student loans became due and they expect half my paycheck each month, I had to take a HARD look at how short hair didn't care and flushed all her money down the toilet spent money like I manufacture hundred dollar bills in my spare time. The culprits? Starbucks, Restaurants, Shopping (Target, J.Crew, etc). Fuck sauce. The very joy of my existence. Granted Starbucks is frequented less often I still shelled out $30 bucks in October for java. Paling in comparison to the whopping $340 I spent on take out or the damn near $400 on shopping. This. Shit. Must. Stop. Especially since I doubt paying student loan debt is optional - considering when I asked the "fine" (heavy on the sarcasm) people at Great Lakes if they would take my shoe collection as collateral, they opted for me to make it rain for them instead. I have a point, don't leave! So in addition to ceasing spending on shopping and severely limiting my restaurant jaunts, I'm debating my coffee habit.

Here's the scoop (pun intended). I drink one cup of coffee - recently converted to a small cup. But of the barista art variety. While with M over Christmas I became a patron of the in home coffee varietal, black- two sugars (there was no Starbucks - the horror). Leading me to believe I can decrease my coffee spending even more if I have a coffee maker at home.

Consumption Details:

  • Chug - one cup
  • Coffee consumption is not daily (1-2 times a week on average)

  • I have never made a pot of coffee
  • I don't need anything that involves more than 3 steps, preferably something I can set the night before
  • The coffee bean process need be idiot proof - I won't be grinding my own beans or anything
  • Coffee Addicition - caffeine headaches

So here's my burning question (s), which pretty much ranks up there with fiscal cliff talks in importance:

Is it economical and logical for me to invest in a coffee maker? 
How much should I spend? 
How do you make coffee (home girl needs a step by step guide)?

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  1. Everyone likes their coffee differently (some weaker/stronger/french-pressed), but you will soon discover what ratio/method you like. A cheap 4-cup Mr. Coffee might be all you need, it only costs $25 at Target, and comes with a time-delay to set it the night before. For the 4-cup pot (which translates to 2 mugs of coffee for those of us living in this century rather than 1950), I usually put in 3 rounded spoons of ground coffee. (For 2 cups, put in 1.5-2 rounded spoons.) Any spoon will do, I'd use the cereal spoons you have (provided they aren't the supersized variety). Don't forget the filter, or you'll have crunchy coffee. If you want to fancy it up, shake a tiny bit of ground cinnamon over the dry coffee grounds before you brew it. For the truly desperate, there's always instant coffee, but I don't really recommend it.

    There's nothing like waking up to the smell of coffee :D Let us know what you decide!

    1. Omigosh, you are the BEST! Many thanks for the amzeballs coffee advice - that sounds way easier than I thought - I'll keep you posted for sure :)


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