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Jan 17, 2013

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I tried. I REALLY tried. Promise I'm not dead inside. But that book was - so large it gave me hope of a literary magic carpet ride, instead mimicking more of a "douchebag's guide to giving the world the finger and making money for it." While a few of his raunchy sex-capades we hilarious in nature, and I give credit for finding a "niche" market and making a profit, I found the book (of which I read - total 15 pages), offensive (and I'm no saint), tasteless, and just - plain - terrible. Maybe I didn't lock in to the "humor" because I was pumping Sudafed sick/miserable and my "haha" genes were coated in decongestant. Perhaps since I don't have a penis understanding the "hilarious" nature of the book was over my head? Whatever the reason it goes without saying how grateful I am for a library card, if this were a purchase, I would surely BEG for a refund.

I mean, a Duke grad, penned three books, each on the NYT Best Seller list, AND even on of Time Magazine's Most Influential in 2009. I had high hopes.

Put simply - I'll never get that 30 minutes back.  Save yourselves folks.

Have you read it? Thoughts?

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