"Klutch" the pearls

Jan 8, 2013

The fabulous folks at Klutchclub graciously allowed me to review their Best of Box. I couldn't decide what was better, getting a package in the mail or the Klutch box itself! 

Having seen many subscription boxes gaining steam recently I was elated there was one for health/wellness related swag.

Clever packaging - oh, the anticipation!

Content overview: goodies AND coupons

Favorite item? Yurbuds

Thier mission: "transform the athlete’s experience through personalized service and exceptional audio products that integrate ergonomics, technology, and emotive design."

I've been eyeing these bad boys since I started running. Now I have a pair, and they ROCK - hard. Plus it came in a sassy color.

Coupon redemption - GO Sport ID

For those solo excursions/runs/workouts/etc, it is customizable with not only your emergency info, but can boast your fave motivational quote too.

Best part? The ID was FREE with the coupon ($10), all I had to spring for was shipping ($6.95). Holla!

My quote: "Just. Keep. Running."

Note: Measure your wrist before you order and don't freak out when it looks crazy small, it is supposed to fit snug, but not cut off your circulation. 

These little guys pack serious heat in the yummy department AND are only 50 calories. Brilliant.

Silver lining? Klutchclub sells these (bite sized) bads boys exclusively.

Other box swag I tried:

Zenify - Chilled this beverage is light, refreshing, and has the perfect ratio of flavor and fizz.

Taylors of Harrogate Tea - Ordered by appointment of HRH Prince of Wales (If Will and Kate love it, so will I), the Peppermint to tea was delightful, while the Green tea with lemon and Green tea with Jasmine, though glad to sample (instead of buying a whole box), didn't strike my fancy.

Healthy to go Acai Energy Chews - tiny potent chews that are tasty and gave me an energy jolt (think boost of energy without red bull - and I only ate one).

Obviously the box is JAM packed with goodies, and since I can appreciate a surprise like the next girl, I won't ruin your fun. But that means you must get a Klutchclub box so you can see (and try) all the awesomeness for yourself. 

What are you waiting for? Scroll down to the bottom of my blog and click on the giant awesome banner and tell them Marcia sent you. You're welcome :)

Since getting my Klutch I ordered another box - MAIL TIME!

*Klutchclub sent me a box (I paid shipping) and asked me to review it on my blog.  All the opinions pertaining to Klutchclub itself and Best of Box contents are my own.

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