Let's Recap, Shall We?

Jan 8, 2013

Since the entire point of starting this humble blog space was to hold myself accountable in fitness, I figured it's long overdue for an update on my ass dimples. 

12/1 - St. Jude's Half Marathon (see previous post here and here)

12/2 - 12/9 Rest Days. I did nothing. Nada. Zilch. And I was a raging beeyotch. Apparently the lack of exercise after going balls to the wall since May left me biting off everyone's head and sleeping like I was going into hibernation. Sedentary doesn't agree with me apparently. My vision of 13 days without exercise crashed and burned. I tried. Besides, Amie called me and was all like "stop snuggling with M and come walk with me, I'm down the street."

12/10 - Mat, Dance Cardio (15 mins). Short hair didn't care and couldn't fathom another day on level 3, so she skipped the last four days. Badass, right? Wrong - fat ass is more like it.
Weight 129.8 - shoot me

12/11 Mat

12/13 - Mat
Weight 128.8

Enlisted the help of a Nutritionist to help: eating habits, fuel pre/post run, daily calorie needs, what carbs/protein/healthy fats are, and how to curb my hanger by eating enough throughout the day.  Money.Well.Spent. My bouts of hunger subsided, I've began eating a proper breakfast, and I've seen considerable improvement in my mood, bowels (TMI), and meal planning. It's a work in progress - I plan to do a follow up to delve further into meal planning (and take another look at my eating habits since the initial visit) as well as taking a grocery store visit with her to help me not spend two hours roaming around by myself for the right foods.

12/17 - Mat
Weight 127.8

12/19 - Mat, Ran 2 miles (19:44) on the treadmill. It was balls to the wall. Determined to get under a 9 min mile. Result? An 8:56 min/mile. Holla! Now if I could just run that fast the whole time...baby steps.

12/20 - Mat
Weight 127.0

12/21 - Mat

12/23 - Mat, Run/Walk (more walk than run) 2.50 miles with a friend. The fact we ran/walked to get burgers and Salted Caramel Milkshakes is besides the point. For the record, my original plan was to go to the library to pick up books I had on hold (cuz I'd rather buy booze and shoes with my money), but since I failed to realize the library was closed on Sunday. Epic Fail.  Not really, that milkshake rocked my world.

12/30 - Mat

12/31 - Mat (completed Level 4 of  Tracy Anderson's Abcentric Continuity Workout - Disc 1.2.2)

Twenty Thirteen:

1/1/13 - I was hung over from ringing in the new year, obviously. 

1/2/13 - Mat (Day #1 of Level 5), Yoga (Long, Slow, Deep - 75 minutes). Sweet Lawrd. My hamstrings burned. It's obvious my extended absence from Yoga was a bad idea. 

Unused Groupon + 30 Day Yoga Challenge =  Namaste bitches. Here's to sweating my asana off in January.

Speaking of bad ideas, my next half marathon is in less than 60 days and I've only ran 2 miles since Memphis (in December) - hold me.

1/3/13 - Mat, Yoga (Yin - 75 minutes)
Arm soreness is an understatement.

1/4/13 - Mat, Yoga (Good Morning Sunshine - 75 minutes)

1/5/13 - May, Yoga (Mindful Flow - 75 minutes). Onset of sinus infection un-awesomeness. In case you're bored and wanna here me rant about how shitty I feel, read this.

Measurements - as always I despise love to document my ass dimples and post for the world to see. However, considering the photos I took are barley recognizable and I just got a new, full length, three paneled mirror to highlight all the gory details, I'll be taking new photos and measurements - but just in case you need to blind yourself with extra skin and ass dimples, check out these.  But don't say I didn't warn you. - Giant holla at my bestie Angie for purchasing (Ikea furniture is NOT sold online - jerks) and hauling this beauty to me. 

If anyone uses  Lose It, friend me (Marcia Ginger) - we can root one another on. Plus, there are various settings, so you can limit what your "friends" see (weight, food, etc) in case your shy.

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