MAIL Time!

Jan 29, 2013

Here's the mail, it never fails. 

It makes me want to wag my tail. 

When it comes I want to wail - Mail! 

For those not "hip to the lingo", that my friends is the Blues Clues Mail Song - courtesy of nannying during undergrad with an OVERWHELMING amount of Nickeloden.  And Kraft Mac n' Cheese, which I considered to be a gourmet meal because it was one thing I couldn't burn in my pre-cooking days. One of the girls loved my box mac n' cheese SO much she would only let me make it for her, and every time her mom tried, she told her "that's not how Marcia does it". Secret? I added a sprinkle of shredded cheese. It's the little things folks. 

It comes as NO surprise I LOVE mail. To me, postal workers are like the Santa Claus of the everyday. And I for one, adore them. 

Short hair finally got around to ordering her year's subscription to KLUTCHclub, and, cuz I like gifts too, gifted myself with the Valentine's Day (best of box) as well! The code is valid thru January 29, 2013 (tonight). Tell them Marcia (Year: Twenty Nine) sent you :)

Happy Valentine's Day!
Today is the last day to purchase our


For a limited-time, our Best of Box was replaced with a Valentine's Day-themed Box and today is the last day to purchase it!

And because we feel like spreading a little extra love around, we're offering you 
40% OFF this limited edition box when you gift it to someone special!  Use code VDAY40 at checkout.  

What will you find inside?

Healthy indulgences for you to pamper yourself and your loved ones! 

Valentine's Day Box

*contents may vary

Such as...
*Healthy snacks & beverages that will help you relax, unwind and serve as natural aphrodisiacs
*Products to keep your body 'performing' at its peak & to set the mood
*Personal-care items and a fitness gift card to show yourself a little love, while keeping your outside looking great

The box contains more than 
$100 of retail value and they're products our members have LOVED, so we know you will too!

Remember, this discount is available on gifted Valentine's Day Boxes only, so show somebody a little love and order up.

Starting tomorrow (Wednesday) our traditional Best of Box will be back up on the site for purchase!
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Happy Shopping!

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