Monday Musings

Jan 14, 2013

Since I'm a genius and deleted ALL of my lists (which I live for) on my iPad, I've been roaming through life with no direction.  If you have any must read books, or new tunes please share. Spanx!

Skin regime. Need one, especially at night before folks start referring to me a "sir" and my face wrinkles climb in number like my ass dimples...

Library vs. Buying books - which do you do? I'm of the mindset "borrow from the library, more dough for booze and shoes". Priorities? I have them.

Stacked Wines - great way to bring wine with you without all the accessories. Genius!

Love letter to Brunch - Couldn't have said it better...


Trader Joe's Three Layer Hummus and squash - it's my JAM right now...


Soy Nog? Verdict? Delicious. Bonus? Half the crap, same yummy taste (note: it is a touch thinner than the original).

Vintage photos of celebs eating - how gorgeous is Goldie Hawn?

What are YOU musing about this Monday?

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