Monday Musings

Jan 21, 2013

As if bleeding every month wasn't enough, this new subscription based club sends you tampons, pads, and chocolate each month.  "You know, that TOTALLY cured my mind numbing cramps, said no one, ever."

Finally got my diploma from grad school. 
Fast on it's heels? A letter welcoming me into never ending student loan payments. Joy.

How sad is this? 

Lemon keeper. Adorable and functional. I'm such a sucker.

Wine mug from my upstairs neighbor. Love her. She knows me all too well.

Saw this at the grocery store. Anyone had before? Thoughts?

What are you musing about this Monday?

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  1. I'm following you now!! Link up with is today on running gear if you get a chance since you're a fellow runner. : )


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