Soul Food

Jan 8, 2013

Who doesn't love Mac and Cheese? Put a heaping bowl of that cheesy, gooey delight in front of me too slowly and you may lose a digit. Comfort food, food that feeds not only our soul but every time you take a delicious bite, reminds you of childhood, evoking a sense of nostalgia and a food love affair that borderlines inappropriate.

Documentary filmmaker Byron Hurt's film, "Soul Food Junkie" set to figure out if soul food, an African American ritual, and cultural identity, is more harmful to our health than its intention to "soothe the soul".

But the topic of food is SO much broader than that. As people, we traditional come together over a meal, celebrating life's successes, failures, and life lessons. Food has changed so drastically since then, with obesity and diabetes a near epidemic, forcing each of us to take a hard look at our eating habits and make smarter choices. Something that comes as no easy feat when your entire existence revolves around preparing, buying, and consuming food.

This film takes a deeper look at how food became "soul food", what it entails, and its cultural roots. 

Debuts on PBS January 14, 2013 - check local listings for times (10 pm for CST peeps).  Set your DVR, I know I am.

What family/cultural traditions does your family hold?

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