Yesterday - Tales of 2012's Past

Jan 1, 2013

Hey dolls - Hope your Holidays were full of family, friends, and most of all the true spirit 

of the season.

Christmas - drive four hours, stay with them for four days, and meet my boyfriend's 

ENTIRE family did ellicit nervous pee and make me throw up in my mouth. The 

anticipation was BRUTAL - Will they like me? Can I lose 10 pounds in three days? Despite 

my irrational fears it went FANTASTIC. Everyone was incredibly kind, warm, and made 

me feel welcome. Meeting the parents? Check. 

New Years Eve - J.Crew skirt I bought a year ago and never worn. Champagne. Friends. Old

school hip-hop. Champagne. Apples to Apples. It goes without saying I rocked a hangover - 

HARD until about an hour ago.  

I resolve...
Funny New Year's Ecard: My New Year's resolution is to lose just enough weight so that my gut doesn't jiggle when I brush my teeth.

I kid - not really. The constant battle to diminish ass dimples and shrink my truffle shuffle


Not so fast. Before I get all "high and mighty" proclaiming what my goals are for 2013, let's

recap 2012:


Health - While I did NOT attain the lofty goal to be mistaken for Megan Fox, I did keep the promise to myself to make fitness a priority. And while I skipped workouts, slacked off, and struggled with the scale, I am proud of my progress last year with regards to "working on my fitness".

Kitchen - needs to be revisited. Mainly because I fail to take out the garbage and it smells like dead bodies, and partially because my OCD pantry organization went to hell in a hand basket and I'm starting to freak out from lack of order.

Carry Out - Failed. MISERABLY. In the month of October yours truly spent $340 on take out. Fucking nonsense. Who does that? 

Charity - Complete.  See my journey here.

Education - Complete. Read about my incessant excitement to graduate here.



    •  Making the conscious effort to workout six days a week (we all know no workout = meltdown)
    • Incorporating more juicing in my life. Bought a juicer I "had" to have, must use it. Besides, my skin glows and I feel fantastic.
    • Bedtime. Get one. Gone are the days of staying up watching trashy reality TV and skipping my AM workout
    • Meal Plan. Try new recipes (tackling the bulging folder of "to try"). Weekly.
    • Skin Regime. AM and PM. Let's face it, 30 is here and this girl ain't getting any younger.
    • Donate to, volunteer for a worthy cause.
    • Hair - make an effort to style my hair, daily. You know, to reduce my "damn I wish I would've done something to my hair" moments.
    • Make up - still deciding. To primp, or not to primp, that is my dilemma.
    • Spend less. 
      • Restaurant meals - limit (legitimate) special occasions
      • Shopping - cease wardrobe spending until I've worn EVERY item in my closet 
    • Attempt not to go broke paying for student loans

Do you have New Years Resolutions? What are they?

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