Monday Musings

Feb 4, 2013

Evening dolls,

Pardon the tardy post, but short hair has been elbow deep in puppy poop and pee for the last week. Although it is a special kind of hell potty training 10 week old puppies, it has been a blast watching them sleep. Even it is for only four hours at a time. 

First things first. I started training again. Which is long overdue considering my next half mary is 25 days away.  I wish you could've been at the gym with me for my first run.  It. Was. Brutality.  But I have no one to blame but myself.

Whole Foods (STL) now sells Chocolate PB2.  Can the church say AMEN!

T-Shirts that shouldn't exist in kids sizes

Gracious Uncertainty - I was OBSESSED with My Utmost For His Highest in High School.  This poem reminded me why. 

Girls on HBO - I feel like I'm missing out on life. Still haven't seen an episode.  How do people without HBO watch this? I refuse to pay for HBO for one effing show.

I'm obsessive about the perfect calendar to fill out my workouts on.  Enter adorable, yet functional monthly calendars here and here

Kyra, my fellow Bravo-ho and recent dirty thirty inductee posted a preview of Kenya's new single, "Gone with the Wind Fabulous" on her blog.  Twirl bitches.

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  1. Come to AR a day early and we'll spend the day watching Girls while drinking wine. Wait Scratch that. Stay a day later and we'll spend the day watching Girls while drinking wine. All day wine drinking and running 13.1 doesn't mesh.

    1. You just made my day - can I kidnap you for half the day Monday? Visions of running, eating carbs like there is no tomorrow, and drinking wine watching Girls sounds WAY smarter then schelping our asses out drinking - as we walk around like penguins.

  2. My half is 31 days away...let's run one together sometime!!
    I've never had Chocolate PB2 but it sounds incredible so.... AMEN!!
    Those thirst...hysterically ridic!
    I've been obsessing about a calendar to use for workouts!!
    You say I'm ghetto? I say I'm fabulous! Now twirl....
    I think we're up to 972,645 reasons now!!
    Heart you, bish!!!

    1. Eeek, we are SO close to our half marys!

      Read. My. Mind. We MUST run one (or five) together ;)

      We are adding reasons like it's the only way to get into heaven. And I LOVE it!

      Love ya lots like tator tots!


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