Monday Musings

Feb 25, 2013


"That makes you larger than LIFE" - BSB documentary, yes please!


Oh. My. Gawd. Get some - five minutes ago.  I took the bag, upside down style, to the face. Thank you, Jan Klutchclub for my latest crunch craving.

Treadmill workouts - neat ideas to save yourself from treadmill suicide. I'm digging on splits these days...

Cellulite Jeans - why??


Campbell's new soup. Heat in pouch, pour into bowl. Devour.  P.S. there are full size kernels of corn, chorizo, and black beans. Winning! 

Negative splits - my new favorite. 

Parade of Magazines - the latest (and greatest) way to support school/sports fundraiser without buying $15 wrapping paper or a $40 can of nuts. Enter a duo ($20/year for both!) Running Times and Runner's World. Running Times is more for elite folk with serious runner jargon.  Runner's World is more my speed, though both have fantastic articles and tips.


Fro Yo - the reason I'll never have rock hard abs. With flavors like Salted Caramel, Double Chocolate, and Peanut Butter (all in one bowl), who needs to wear anything other than a mumu? I for one think they are flattering. Plusd it catches my fro yo spills...

Giveaway finally boxes shipped - enjoy Kyra, Amie, and Rebecca!

Sweaty Bands + Nordstrom is like "a mix between Fergie and Jesus".  Ahhh, they SELL sweaty bands AT Nordstrom. Reason 423,323 I NEVER see my paycheck...

Celebrity Wife Swap + Kate Gosselin + Kendra Wilkinson = DVR party! 2/26 @ 7 pm CST on ABC

What you musing about this Monday?

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