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Feb 21, 2013


Signed up for a 30 day Yoga challenge (here), and since I'm smart, the fact training is mandatory for my half mary on March 3rd escaped my brain - till after I paid.  Genius.  "Bend Over and Take Your Shoes Off" was a blast. Granted I missed two days due to illness, but considering that and the fact we decided to adopt two ankle biting ninjas 25 out of 30 classes isn't bad.  

(1/12/13) Went on my first group run at True Runner sponsored by Mizuno (4 mi - 47:05). It felt like the first day of school "will they be nice", "am I dressed ok", "why do we have to run so early and in the freaking cold".  Basically I was a total adult.  The Mizuno guy laid down a guantlet only I would accept.  Run, in your newest shoe, and I get a gift?  I'm in.  


Meet the Mizuno Wave Rider 16. Similar to my current sneaker, this shoe was comfy, had just enough arch support, and was light and airy, just like mama loves em'.  

Now, to me the Mizuno guy and TR employee resembled pro runners, along with pretty much everyone else except for your truly. Thankfully the whole group (about 8 ppl total) was friendly, and no one laughed when I asked in semi mock horror, "exactly how fast are we going? Because I am not that fast but I can totally bring up the rear".

We set off, and less than .50 in we encounter this BITCH of a hill. "Don't these people know I haven't ran in over a month?" I muttered ocsenities under my breath. And out loud.   God Bless America another  girl, she felt the same way - so while the Kenyans charged forward like they just walked over a speed bump we dug deep, said a prayer, and questioned turning around and heading back.  But we persevered, made small talk and conquered the hill made it to the top. At some point we got separated from the pact cuz they ran at Olympic trial pace, but our fearless leader circled back and found us, looking as if she had just took a short walk to the edge of her driveway and hadn't been pounding out 7 min/miles. 

Overall the run wasn't bad, I didn't die, and I got a gift for testing out their new shoe - meet my new Mizuno fleece headband. Boom. Watch out runways of Milan...



...and I'm back in the groove! 
2/1 - 2 mi. TM (20:35)
2/2 - 3 mi. TM (31:39) - Splits
2/3 - 4 mi. TM (39:04) - Splits
2/5 - 1 mi. TM (9:13)
      - 2.25 mi. TM (23:24)
2/9 - 2 mi. TM (18:41)
      - 4 mi. TM (45:36)
2/11 - 2.54 mi. Around neighborhood (31:03)
2/15 - 3 mi. (1.0 incline) TM (31:52)
2/16 - 5.69 mi. TM (60:00)
        - 2.30 mi. TM (26:02)
2/17 - 1.51 mi. Around neighborhood with hills (16:59)
2/18 - 1 mi. (1.0 incline) TM 9:27)
        - 1 mi. TM (8:44)
2/20 - 3.87 mi. (37:13)

While it is a special kind of hell running on the treadmill all the time, "ain't nobody got time for that" running outside in the frigid STL temps. Short hair is a fair weathered outdoor runner.  Speaking of, there is 12 miler on the treadmill scheduled for tomorrow.  Dear cable gods, please have something good on. Love, Marcia.

2013 Race Calendar know, since I finally got my act together (kinda) and am running again. And the fact paying for a race does not mean you are exempt for training and running one. Details.

3/3 Little Rock Half Marathon
Little Rock, AR

4/7 GO STL! Half Marathon (tentative)
Saint Louis, MO
*I'm on call this weekend, but trying like hell to swap so I can do this one with my peeps.  I swear all the cool kids are doing it...

6/1 Hospital Hill Half Marathon
Kansas City, MO

10/27 Rock n' Roll (tentative)
Saint Louis, MO
*Distance TBD

12/7 St. Judes (tentative)
Memphis, TN
*Distance TBD

This list doesn't include fun runs (i.e. 5k's, 10k's) - I'm working on picking out my costume adding those in. Anyone know of any other races I need to run? I'm the MOH in my bestie's wedding this October, so my funds/schedule are limited nonexistent, but if four (ok, 10 is my real goal) races (half mary's/fun runs/10k's/ and God willing a full) could be ran in 2013 I'd consider not climbing to the top on my building and threatening to end it all. And, because a girls gotta dream, my race wish list...

Anyone ever done/do group runs?

Have you ever done a 30 day challenge of any sort?

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  1. I want to be one of the cool kids doing the GO!!
    Ugh!!!! How can I get out to St Louis?!?!?!?

    1. IKR?! We MUST run a race together ASAP! What about the Marine Corps or something on your side of the US of A in 2014? Ok, awesome, glad you're in ;)


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