Feb 14, 2013

Happy LOVE day!

Short hair could take or leave the expectations of today, but give me a reason to wear pink, tell everyone I LOVE them ad nauseum (because I don't already Elvira everyone anyway), make every item fathomable into a heart, and give out hugs like its my job - sign. me. up.

It is M and I's first love day, so to set the tone for the future (and show him just how much he makes me smile when he's not being a man and annoying the shit out of me - who wears socks with flip flops?!), this girl went all "I love you lots like tator tots" and made his cold testosterone filled heart go all gooey.  I hope. 

I wanted to put stickers on Miles and Rubin and duplicate this adorable photo, but they ate the stickers - I screamed, dug wet stickers from their gums and instead told M this morning how awesome the photo he could have cherished forever would have been. 

Morning of Anniversary or Birthday etc.! Bacon Hearts, such a fun twist for breakfast. 400F - 18 min or so.

Bacon Hearts - I used Turkey Bacon - he didn't proclaim "hippie food (again) thankfully.  His unclogged arteries will thank me later. You're welcome.

Nutella Buns

Nutella Buns - breakfast of carb laden champions. Prepped the dough last night (thank you sweet baby Jesus for making me read the directions - in its entirety), spent about 20 minutes assembling this am while the Ninjas bit my ankles played.  Bake for 30 minutes.  Add some paper "love" toppers. Boom. Instant love muffins.


Heart garland - I'm a girl.  I am addicted/obsessed with/love for like mushy love stuff - in mass quantities, wrapped with a pink (preferably pale pink chevron) bow, and presented with hugs and snuggles. Don't hate, I know myself.  So I'll be honest and say the garland (in red, der) was more for ME and less for M.  But he did notice it and commented on my mad paper cutting skillz. While making fun of me. 

Placed all the above (minus maniac puppies) on the counter with a card and gift (chocolate covered strawberries from Merbs).  Happy LOVE day, to you :)

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