Do it, for the love of puppies

Mar 27, 2013

How "fresh off the runway" does she look?  When I started following Laura it became crystal clear she was all kinds of FABULOUS.  First, she loves J. Crew. Which is basically the only way to get into fashion heaven.  Second, she has fur babies that are ridiculously adorable and she firmly believes in spoiling them rotten like moi. Third, ok it should be first but I needed to build up to it, she has INCREDIBLE taste (and freakishly enviable hair).  The first post I read of hers I was like, "I have that top! Whoa, I need to step up my fashion game, cuz she is on another level".  So now I casually stop by stalk her blog everyday in the hopes her great sense of style will rub off on me, and I'll learn how to accessorize like a pro.  Cuz clearly she is.  Duh. 

It comes as no surprise she has been chosen by Wallis, a clothing store based in the UK along with 27 other fashion bloggers to compete in a contest to become the FIRST US Ambassador for the clothing brand. In addition to becoming the Wallis US Ambassador and representing the company for the next year, the winner will also win a trip to the UK where they will introduce her to the press at their Fall/Winter 2013 UK Press Preview.  

HELLO?! Could this be more LAURA?!?! I mean, seriously, home girl oozes style, class, an eye for a deal, and a shoe collection I am dying to get my hands on - (note to self: say a silent prayer it is 7.5).

Now that you have heard pretty much the BEST reasons, in life, to vote for Laura - here are the deets: 

Every twenty four hours you can cast your vote for Laura through April 9, 2013. So vote NOW, then every 24 hours go back and show her some more love. Need a reminder? Set an alarm. Then, as the infomercial folk say, "set it, and forget it".  The alarm, not voting.  Voting is mandatory.  If not I'll assume you loathe all things holy - like wine, shoes, and puppies.  Do it for the love of puppies!

                                                          Good luck Laura!

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  1. You are seriously hilarious!!! And incredibly sweet! This is one of the nicest things everyone has done, and it means so much to me. Brought a tear to me eye. = )


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