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Mar 1, 2013

What's better than green beer and the opportunity to talk in an Irish accent all day?


40% off Pro Compression Marathon Sock of the month (and FREE shipping) - holla!


- Promotes blood flow for speedy recovery
- Foot-bed compression
- Built-in "Stabilizer Zone" for optimal support

- Advanced materials for moisture control  
- Made in USA
- mmHg rating 22-26


I have a pair, and you wanna be just. like. me. Or you would prefer not to walk around feeling like you just got beat in the legs with a 2x4 repeatedly after a run. 

Case and Point...

Lactic Acid build up = no fun for anyone

A connoisseur of compression garments I rock my tights HARD after a race for a few days (all. day. long), and continue high fashion with my socks after hard runs. I have never run in compression (working on that ), but I do wear them to sleep (after a hard run/leg achy/foot cramping) and they make a HUGE difference in my life legs. All the sore/ache/dull throbbing action that goes on after a long/hard/whatever type of that makes you sore run is drastically diminished (gone completely when I slept in them).  Plus, if you are the epitome of vanity (like yours truly) and REFUSE to wear flat shoes unless absolutely necessary (mud, injury), compression helps you get back to diva walking in your 4 inch, peep toe stilleto's in no time. 

Need more convincing?  Check out my previous post, here.

Enter code SOM3 at checkout. You're welcome.

Do you wear compression?  If so, what? I have compression tights and full length socks. Changed. My. Recovery time immensely

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  1. YAY!!!!!!!!! I am buying for my run on St. Pat's day. Love.


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