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Mar 22, 2013

I've probably told you 999 times about the love/hate relationship I have with my cell phone. LOVE that my works pays for it, LOATHE the fact it is the world's first cellphone, a Blackberry. Naturally, I don't have social media on my phone, which rationalized my iPad purchase.  #shopaholic - I digress. 

With all this newfangled technology changing around me I struggle to keep up, stay awake, know what the eff folks are talking about. Well times, they are a changing my friends. Short hair joined Instagram!  Before you break your leg to follow me daily "awesome", a caution - I have no idea what Instagram is/does, so the learning curve will be steep (help appreciated!).  Add in the fact I can't use said ancient, albeit free phone that doesn't even offer the app, leaving me with one option, and one option only.  Random photo dumps.  You're welcome.

And, just in case you want to find me across all forms of social media heaven like a true friend/stalker:

Twitter: @MarciaElise

Pinterest: @MarciaElise

Instagram: Yeartwentynine

My Fitness Pal: Meginger

Game Center (for apple): MarciaElise

I have Facebook and Skype as well, inbox me if you want my info:

What is your favorite form of social media?

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1 comment:

  1. I was so happy to see you on Instagram!!!
    It's super easy to navigate. I had to start with it on my iPad before I got my iPhone.
    (There's not actually an IG<-- that's what the cool kids call Instagram - app for the iPad, it's just the iPhone app used on the iPad)
    I just started out playing around with all the different "filters" to see what affect I liked on my picture.
    You can scroll through the home feed with everyone's pictures and "like" them or "comment" on them...just like Facebook.
    If you want to "tag" someone in your picturer or a comment, just start with @ and then start typing out the IG name of the person you want and you'll see the list of people to choose from will appear as you type.
    You'll do just fine! It's supa doopa easy!


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