Four Months

Mar 19, 2013

"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." - Roger Caras

Adulthood really does change you. You're a little bit wiser. The years a brilliant teacher, something only time could prepare you for.  When we got the puppies I really didn't think my heart was ready for another fur baby, let alone two. And let's be honest, I'd grown accustomed to sleeping in, caring only for myself. Fast forward two months - on a whim, when we decided to rescue TWO puppies. My have the times changed.

Puppy Milestones:

They sleep thru the night, with no more middle of the night potty trips. #thankGodforsmallmiracles

Tipping the scales at 20 lbs each. 

Still share everything. Crate, food, toys, snuggles. When separated (less than 5 feet apart) it causes MAYHEM.  So they stay together.  And fight like WWE 24/7.

Miles has becoming a snuggler.  Which makes my heart swoon. 

Rubin still demands to be the center of attention. 

Gypsy caravan is still churning.  Luckily both dogs are accustomed to moving each week.  Me, on the other hand can't pack to save my life so I end up going home about ten times on M's house weeks to grab stuff I left.

Both can jump on the couch. Noteable: Rubin taking off full speed, plowing into whomever is on the couch and getting cozy.

Potty training is much better. Save for missing a cue to go out and the odd crate accident while we are at work they are doing much. 

Settling in a routine - granted they assume day break means its playtime, but they can play while we get ready with less supervision. So showering is no longer a guess of what they will destroy or tinkle on.

Crating is maxed at about 5-6 hours. Anything longer than that and you can expect a poop storm (literally) upon your return.

I started running with them. Thank God for the person who invented double leashes.  Did 2.29 miles in about 35 minutes, with only mild crying, "sit outs", and chasing wind strew leaves (in opposite directions). Tip: bring LOTS of treats.

Like any good pet owner spineless sap, I made homemade dog treats. Burned the holy hell out of them, but it was fun to do, and Miles never left my side.  Because there was food involved.  Burnt or not, they LOVE them. (recipe coming soon)

Car sickness is still alive and awful. Tried Benadryl at the vets direction. There is less anxiety (so I'm told - I freak the eff out so M transports them), but still get sick and puke. Tip: if your dog vomits, give them a bit of plain yogurt to help stave off dehydration.

Rugs are still not safe - note to self: research how to "un-paper" train.

The Kong pacifier is a recipe for bloodshed. So it has been confiscated for everyone's safety. 

Happy four month birthday Miles and Rubin!

*Oh yeah, M and I are still alive, and covered in less dog poop.

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  1. Marcia, they are terrific. And they look well loved!

    1. Shan, Thank you! I'm over the moon happy. It may/may not/may show, as they are spoiled ROTTEN!

      Hope all is well friend :)


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