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Mar 31, 2013

"Healthy living is a journey, not a destination, so why not celebrate all the little steps along the way."
- Sierra Gullan


What is a #KLUTCHmoment? 
Anything health/fitness/wellness related that deserves a high five! 

Here's the skinny: 

Get to work toot, toot, tooting your own healthy horn by using the hashtag #KLUTCHmoment via blog/twitter/facebook/instagram to show off.  It can be anything, the more creative the better! By having your own "Show n' tell" you'll be entered to win a THREE month supply of Skinny Pop (which is sinfully delicious AND happens to be in the March box).

My #KLUTCHmoments:

  1. Rocking compression socks with ballet flats (did I mention they are BRIGHT purple?) on a double date after plowing thru 10.50 miles. 
  2. Having an Oatmeal bar as a snack instead of a GIANT candy bar. Or a kabillion pretzel crisps.  A handful seriously cannot be a serving.
  3. Running to the store instead of taking my car.

Hurry, contest is only open now thru April 10th.

See here for full description and more info.

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