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Mar 14, 2013

Gotta love Pinterest.  A myriad of options to overwhelm, inspire, and make you feel like a total creative slacker. Thankfully, it appeals to the lazy/ADD semi creative, while I've got a little free time type like yours truly. Saw this AMAZEBALLS monogram (pin has since been deleted from the Pin-iverse), and if anyone knows me I'd monogram my face if I could, then yours cuz its what cool kids do. When I spied this it had to be mine. I mean, what if I forget my name? 

The result?

A hanging (ok, propped up against the wall till I get the energy to hang- I'm lazy remember?) creation worthy of awe from everyone in the land me.

Super simple to make.  

  1. Purchase Monogram - got mine, here, about $40 (I got a larger one)
  2. Purchase Spray Paint - I used a matte Copper Metallic from Home Depot, about $5-$7 bucks.
  3. Purchase Canvas - Michaels, about $30 (again, my monogram is on the larger side) - don't forget your coupon, they ALWAYS have them.  Or be ghetto resourceful and ask when you check out if there are any specials.
  4. Spray monogram (outdoors, with plenty of ventilation on top of some newspaper). Two coats did the trick. 
  5. Once its completely dried (overnight to be safe), mark the canvas with pencil where you want your monogram. 
  6. Use a hot glue gun to secure monogram to canvas. Because the glue dries fairly quickly I did an outline on the corners, then went back and glued under any gaping parts to secure. BE CAREFUL, the canvas is thin and the glue is HOT!
  7. Let dry, flat.
  8. Tada! A beautiful monogram, made by you that deserves a spot in the Louvre.

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  1. "I'd monogram my face if I could, then yours cuz its what cool kids do."
    You crack me up!! Haha
    And I'm super impressed!! It looks awesome!

  2. whoa wait a minute..back the truck up... YOU HAVE A HOT GLUE GUN? :) ha love you! It looks great

    1. Heck no, we both know i'm not allowed to have any type of tools on my own - I borrowed one and M had to help me cuz I almost burned my hand. THx!


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