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Mar 11, 2013

Short hair partied like it was 1999, wasn't thirty, didn't have a job that require you to be present AND productive, or have two 14 week old puppies.  Home girl was trippin'.  And paying for it today - thank God for a heaping bowl of Pho Ga and water.  Lots and lots of water.  Insert rest day HERE.

  • Tracy Anderson has a new GOOP-inspired 15 minute workout.  How AMAZEBALLS does she look? I need to get back on the TAM train, STAT. 

  • "Ain't Nobody Got Time Fo Dat" - Runner's Edition. My addition to the list would be waves of nausea (hello sen-si-tive stomach) during a race.

  • Next half mary is fast approaching and I couldn't be more stoked.  Hometown race with awesome peeps? Yes please! So, to my pleasant surprise, when these exciting tidbits about the race came my way I did (yet another) happy dance -

Fun, Fun, Fun on Holy Hill
RegisterNew this year is the stretch of the course on Olive (approximately Mile 6-8), which has been named Holy Hill presented by yurbuds . Holy Hill will be an area where participants competing in the marathon and half marathon will receive a separate timed result – A Race within a Race! Age group winners (top three) will receive an additional finisher medal (pictured here) and a commemorative chocolate bar, compliments of Crown Candy Kitchen. In addition, when you enter Holy Hill look for Reverend Mike Kinman, who will be sprinkling participants with holy water. Also you can expect lots of cheer zones, bands, entertainers and choirs. 

Yurbuds, A St. Louis Original to Sponsor Holy Hill
YurbudsYurbuds is proud to be an official sponsor of the 2013 GO! St. Louis Marathon Weekend and the presenting sponsor of Holy Hill. Founded in St. Louis, yurbuds are the #1 selling sport earphone in the United States. We know tackling “Holy Hill” will be tough, so we want to help push you #BEYONDTHEWALL with our sport earphones that never hurt or fall out! By combining award winning ergonomics and best-in-class durability, we are certain you’ll find your way to the top…in record time! Find the yurbuds that are right for you by visiting us at and come by the booth at the expo for a chance to win a free pair.

  • Gluten Free Protein Bar - Elisabeth Hasslebeck is adorable and irritating simultaneously circa The View a bazillion years ago when I saw precisely half an episode. Anyhow,  spotted her new line of Gluten Free Bars here (they also sell gels, holla!) and gave it a whirl. While it's 230 calories, it was tasty, and filling. Would I buy more? If they were on sale. They were tasty, but not $3.50 tasty...

  • Finally found dog bone cookie cutters to begin my quest of home made dog treat awesomeness. Searching for the Holy Grail had to be easier - bonus? They were .95 cents each - Holla at ur girl! See, patience utter research overload/store scouring paid off.  Some folks wanted $10 for a three set, one even asked for $40!  Sorry, one understands Copper is resilient and all, but unless those bad boys made the dog treats, give the dogs baths, and wash themselves they can keep em'. 

  • Bought my first rain parka since anoraks were cool in the ninth grade - let's hope this entices your truly to lace up in the rain instead of wasting time and gas to drive to the gym if its misting outside #firstworldproblems. I'm pretty sure if this die hard can "make it rain" rocking this parka so can I...I hope.

What are YOU musing about this Monday?

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