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Mar 21, 2013

"took your momma nine months to make it" (name that song)

Have you ever read something and it resonated with you in a way you didn't expect? Each day a little something stands out among the minutia - and in that moment brings you back to reality, gives you a renewed sense of gratitude, and just plain makes you cheer ("everybody do the tiger rumble"...) for them? Never fear dolls, your "feel good moment" of the day" is being served to you on a platter this fine Thursday. Cuz I cried. Then re-read the entire post, and cried again.  Happy tears folks, it's nature's high. #getyourselfsome

My gorgeous, awe-inspiring blog bestie Kyra from the blog,  Nine Months (whom I've yet to meet IRL - #dontmakemestalkyou #plzbemyfriend) wrote an incredibly raw and touching post about her weight loss journey.  Through life, love, and a (incredibly ADORABLE) baby carriage this girl is on FIRE!

 Plus it doesn't hurt she's ADDICTED to all things reality TV (read: RHOA), smores, just joined the DIRTY THIRTY club, andis downright "gone with the wind fabulous".  Plus, she runs like she just stole the entire J. Crew Spring collection...she's that fast.  

So pop on over to her blog, stay awhile, say hello, and tell her I (Y29) sent you.  Because everyone needs a little love and encouragement.  And a bottle of wine always chilling in the fridge...

Keep twirling honey - you are FABULOUS!

What inspires YOU? 

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  1. Marcia, I love her post. Thank you for sharing it. It's seriously a theme that's running through my life at the mo.

  2. MARCIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You are so sweet! Thank you thank you thank you for such sweet words!
    And this is my sign that I need to go to bed as I am bawling now. I'm seriously touched.
    Heart you, bish!


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