Mar 15, 2013

ht google reader jef 130314 wblog Google Puts the Kibosh on Google Reader RSS Service

Google, what have you done?!

The service, for those who never used it live under a rock, allows you to view all your RSS feeds – headlines and articles from news organizations – in one central spot. Come July 1, though, you won’t be able to read anything using the application; you won’t be able to use it at all.  Google execs say while readers are "devoted", they are focusing on fewer products (source). 

Boo. I use Google Reader to stalk follow all my world news stations blogs, and because it is idiot proof and magically appears in a box on my iGoogle homepage I don't have to remember anything.  Other than my password. Short hair dislikes.

If you're feeling super passionate, head over to sign the petition, to help cease this injustice.  Then have a glass of vino, then put on your big girl pants (or what I call my everyday pants these days #marathontrainingbuttthighsohmy), we've got work to do.

First, skip your cute rear over to  create an account, and begin to resume life as if you hadn't just be sucker punch in the gonads. A box popped up on the top (in baby blue) after I logged in - and made my life SO much easier. 

Google Reader is shutting down July 1st.

Make sure that your blog readers know that they'll still be able to follow your blog through bloglovin.

P.S. You can import blogs from Google Reader to bloglovin here.

If you get this box, click the link and follow the instructions. It takes about .25 seconds and automatically transfers all your blog love over. Boom.

For new account users, follow the steps to create an account, then head over to "settings" to import you google reader blogs.  

Second, there is no gadget for iGoogle homepages (sad day). But, don't fret. Bloglovin sends you a daily email to remind you of  new posts, with a few different notification options so you don't forget to stay current with all your favorite things:


The layout is neat, simple to use, and best of all - FREE.  Thank you, Bloglovin, for saving my blog life.

There you go, now all your blog love is safe and sound. The world is right again.

Do you use a RSS feed to keep all the blogs you follow in one place? If so, what?

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