Bagel and Smear

Apr 3, 2013

Bagels. With their doughy interior and crunchy, crisp exterior when you toast it just perfectly. What's not to love? Pair with your favorite topping and you've got a carb match - made in heaven. 

Then its hits. How has it only been an hour and I'm STARVING? Which leads me to believe bagels are empty calories. All of them.  Short hair only eats the whole wheat/grain one's, so what gives?  

Answer: Cream Cheese.  All gooey and delicious when spread LIBERALLY over both sides, sending you into a dough oblivion even professionals can't eat their way out of. 

Am I missing something?  With the equivalent five times as much as bread, I shouldn't be hungry till next Thursday.  Just saying.

1 Bagel = 5 Slices of  Bread

 After I discovered this I stopped buying/eating my doughy delicious friends.  Obviously if I need 2 (whole) bagels to get me to lunch, it a bit excessive, no?

Recently I toyed with bagels and peanut butter, cuz everything is better with PB, says everyone. Result? By golly I'm full! Who knew leaving off the empty calorie, fat laden cheese was the culprit!  So I gave bagels another chance to woo my heart digestive system today.  No hunger pains till lunch, score!

Whole Wheat bagel + PB2

In other breaking news:

-Pro Compression has 40% off and FREE shipping for the purchase of all Purple and Blue items, including Tour and Trainer Low socks.  

Holla at your girl! Just bought purple AND blue trainer low socks.  What? It benefits two great causes...

Use code: SOMF4 at checkout, click here for the full scoop. 

-GO STL  has run tracker - follow me this Sunday morning, April 7, 2013 via Twitter: @marciaelise.  If you are racing/at the race/downtown say hello, I'd love to meet you. Providing/pacing me with a flask full of wine/champagne you'll graduate to BFF status. That or chase me with a machete so I PR.  I'm open to either...

- Don't forget to add a photo to you #klutchmoment on facebook/twitter/instagram, then swing by twitter (@marciaelise) and instagram (@yeartwentynine) to see mine so far.  Contest ends April 10th!

- Vote for Laura.  Nike said "just do it". Every day thru April 9th. 

-Guess who's has a new bundle of joy?  Hint: no, it is not me, though I'm waiting with baited breath to get all married and knocked up.  All in good time people, all in good time...I digress. 

My favorite health/fitness subscription, KLUTCHclub launched a new product!

Every month, we got comments from our members that little hands were tucking into mom's KLUTCHwomen box, so we got to thinking...

What if we created a box with products for mom and her little ones?

Our KLUTCHmom boxes are designed to bring innovative health and wellness products into the home for moms and kids alike. Being a mom is a BIG responsibility- you are now accountable for the health and wellbeing of your little ones in addition to yourself. 

How to you eat YOUR bagel? 

Do YOU get any subscription boxes?

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  1. I stopped eating bagels a couple of years ago and it was SO tough at first!! But now I don't miss them, finally. It took a while though! I loved bread!!

  2. Bagels and mountains of cream cheese are probably one of my very most favorite foods!!! I haven't had one in awhile with trying to eat better. Oh but I love that combo!
    However, my go-to, pre-long run meal is bagel, pb, and banana. Never fails!! I eat it about an hour and a half before I head out, but I may need to start doing it 2 hours prior cos I'm still full by then!! Haha
    And via that the only way I can track all you bishes? Or is there another social media I can use to see your progress on Sunday?


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