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Apr 1, 2013

Hey dolls,

Here's hoping you had a blessed and happy Easter. Long weekend was much appreciated, even if I did have my hands full...but more on that in a bit.

This article made me ponder. When I began training for my first half mary both my partners lived in different states. Apart from daily emails/texts majority my running was solo. Looking back I tried like heck to convert friends to run with me to no avail, always feeling like I was missing out going it alone.  Fast forward to today, I found running gives me "me time. And while I'll never pass up the chance to pound the pavement with others , I'm a solo runner.  Give me the open road, good tunes, and I'm in bliss.

Victoria Beckham launched a new website.  Great fashion, incredibly expensive price tag.  

Want to win a three months supply of Skinny Pop? Don't forget to use #Klutchmoment on facebook/instagram/twitter to be entered to win!

And while you're at it, vote again for Laura to become an Ambassador for Wallis. She's the reason I got all gussied up for my meeting last week. I thought, "what would Laura wear?"

Anyone ever seen the show "Baggage"?  My friend got me hooked a few years ago, if you wanna see a Jerry Springer-esque dating show full of creepers, check it out. Hysterical. And gross.

My weekend was FAB. Three blissful days off work - and some fun.  First up, Iron Fork, where there are cocktails, and food.  Oh the eats.  There were 45 restaurants.  And short hair was HUNGRY. Insert bazillion calories HERE.  Great times had by all.

Friday (3/29) I  Ran 7.12 mi., outside (1:31:07). I suck at route planning. Which is probably why I almost got hit by a car.

Had lunch and got shellac manis with one of my new besties Jess - love that girl. Heart of gold AND and kick-ass personality. That evening I had the girls over for happy hour (side note: if you're in STL, check out Salume Beddu). M went home for the holiday, which meant I had the puppies, by myself, for three days. #killmenow #thereisnosleep. So to combat the boundless energy of four month old's, I bought, to my own dry heaving, pig ears. Where have those been all my life? It kept them busy for an HOUR. Which is precious these days. Especially since Miles was on a poop strike all weekend, and when I left the room would deuce next to my modem, and Rubin would hop the baby gate and get into everything. 

Photo: The coffee table. Which now doubles as jungle gym. Attention whore much?
Yep, he's on top of the coffee table

Saturday (3/30) - Ran 3 mi. TM (28:33).  Fastest 5k! 

Made brunch, only a year after we planned to (with the home made jam we bought), then spent the day helping my baby sister shop for prom (our small private school FINALLY got with the times and allowed them to change the name from "banquet"  #privateschooldiaries). I forgot how effing indecisive teenagers are.  USE YOUR WORDS! She'd try on a dress, grunt, then expect me to decipher. Overall it was a blast, we are 14 years apart so although we love each other, it's tough to bond with a sibling you didn't "grow up with" (I was already in college and living in the dorm).

That night I kidnapped my friend, again, and made her keep me company. I hadn't showered from my run, but she still hung out with me. #imkindofabigdeal #notreally.  What was suppose to be a delivery/carry out situation turned into a dinner at the bar of this adorable Mexican restaurant down the street from us.  Add in an awesome bartender and great food. I don't remember much after he gave us a shot of cherry Grand Marnier....

Thankfully, today is a new day. And taper week. Made a delightful smoothie for breakfast, and have a fresh perspective on just how out of control my food/beverage consumption was after my scale pretty much junk punch me yesterday. My GWTWF accountability partner has her work cut out for her. I "may" or may not have texted Thursday to confess my impending sins...


Coconut Water
1 Scoop of Vanilla Whey Protein Powder 
Frozen Fruit - I used a strawberry, peach mix
Small Handful of Spinach

Blend till creamy.  HEAVEN.

Here's to M not going AWOL and leaving me with the monsters, the fact Jurssic Park 3D comes out on the 5th, and for half mary #3 this Sunday. I can tell it's going to be a great week.

Solo Runner? Run with others? 

How far apart are you and your siblings?

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  1. Sounds like a good weekend :)

    My brother is almost 18 years younger than I am so I get the whole age gap thing times woah. He and my daughter are actually only 2 years apart. Talk about crazy town.


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