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Apr 22, 2013

Happy Earth Day! 

My "9 -5" hooks us up each year with swag for Earth Day along with various earth friendly activities and volunteer opportunities. This year they offered both long and short sleeve tees - I'll take a long sleeve tee #thankyouverymuch.  Cute right?  Excuse my bosoms, I look quite busty in that pic... 34C is the place to be, holla at my plastic surgeon.


Keeping up the "I love the world", Klutchbox's blog today chats about 50 ways to help, AND they're hosting a contest (ends April 25th) for a Earth Day box!  Go to their Facebook page, "like" them if you already haven't (shame on you), then "share" their Earth Day picture. If you win, I call dibs on 1/2 ur box...


Short hair was on call this weekend, so no plans are ever made 
(plans made = getting called out + cancelling like a loser)


Smores made in the broiler = a lot of smores in my belly. Good afternoon, my name is Marcia, and I'm ALSO addicted to smores #nocampfire/microwave/grillnoproblem. Let's not talk about how many I consumed over three days...too many to count. Don't judge me - the expansion of my thighs saddens me enough.


Murder mystery. My sister starred (she was awesome!), and it was at my old high school.  


This is what I wanted to do all weekend...


Instead I ate an entire container of these PB&J Nuts cuz they are bananas good. Consumption of the ENTIRE container however, is the opposite of one serving...

4/17 - Ran 1.85 mi outside. Tested out my new socks, it was a beautiful day. Then came the cramps. foot, calf, LEG. I'm not sure if I didn't stretch enough, or the fact I'd never run in compression before or what. Home girl was in AGONY. Pissed and defeated I headed home. In tears. Then walked the dogs 2 miles. 

4/20 - Walked the dogs 3.99 miles

Let's "real talk" shall we? I've been STRUGGLING with consistent workouts. If I get up for an AM sweat session, the pups rise and demand release from their crate, and living in an apartment makes the 4-5 am bark fest a bit much for my neighbors #worldsgreatestneighbor. Lunch time only works on weeks I don't have the doggie lunch duty, and even then driving 40 minutes each way only leaves time for maybe 3 miles cuz I still have to shower so I'm not gone on a billion hour lunch. Which leaves after work. And we don't even need to go there honey. Chores need to be done, dogs walked, food consumed, and, if I'm lucky a little DVR and quality time with my main squeeze/family/friends. I'm incredibly lucky because M is extremely supportive of my fitness efforts no matter the time of day/week/month, but I can't help but be filled with guilt sneaking away from my duties as a pet owner (much less future babies - sweet lord how do you mama's out there do it?) to get in a MUCH needed sweat session. Call it poor planning. Call it laziness. Call it what ever you'd like. I'm NOT making fitness my number priority, and I'm suffering (along with everyone around me because let's face it, I'm a beeyotch without my workout).  What can I do? STOP making excuses and effing workout. I need to be better.  I need to do better. And I need to stop making excuses and squeeze in workouts, be it full, or partial and make wise eating decisions. I'm overwhelmed. I'm frustrated. I'm - angry. The only person to change that is me. Just writing this makes me feel better. It is out in the open. My secret, revealed. I'm tired of making "game plans" to implement, and "starting fresh". I need to get back on the path, and effing stay there. I need to stretch before every run, focus on my nutrition habits, foam roll after a run, and cross train like a beast. Because I'm thirty. Not 21. And my body does not bounce back as quickly, nor should it with the workouts I demand, yet I don't hold up my end of the bargain by taking time to fuel and recover properly. It's my body. No one else's. I need to nurture it. Because we are stuck together for eternity.  It is holding up its end of the bargain - I'm injury free (praise the Lord), in good health, and have the physical means to.  This past week I worked out three days. No run was over 2 miles. I didn't stretch. There was no cross training.  And I ate like it was my full time and part time job. Add in the fact my hips, knees, and ITB are screaming at me for not stretching and it's official: I need to get my sh$t together. NOW.

Dear body, its me, Marcia.  I'm sorry that I continue to treat you poorly in every way. All that changes, today. Because we are in this together.  There is no easy button. There are no redo's. Life is entirely too short and we will make it effing awesome, as one. 

Love always, Marcia

My goals: 
Implement this training log (formatted for me of course)
Log food, here
Workout: run, cross train, rest. Repeat

Redemption, part one:

4/21 - Ran 6.37 miles outside (1:21:34). Easy paced. Took time to pre fuel with two sheets of graham crackers and this drink powder Amie swears by. All I know is she packed a zip loc of it for me while I was in LR with sharpie instructions on the bag and told me not to pack it in my carry on cuz TSA would lock me up tight. 2 TBSP in my water went down smooth like vino...And gave me energy for my entire run.  Bonus? No crazy belly or cramps. I'm running, not walking to buy some, in bulk, TODAY. Plus True Runner is giving away a free tree with every purchase.  So really I'm shopping for the planet...

My food choices, on the other hand, were not redeeming. I have no one to blame but Chinese delivery myself...
Mothers Day Klutchbox - genius.

Foam roller exercises - #hurtssogood

Cambells Go soup - if you haven't tried, you're missing out on life. Flavor packed, hearty, and not too calorie heavy. 

Am I the olny one who buys Groupon, deals then promptly forgets about them??  Anyone?

Bakerella is hosting Spring Bake giveway  for a fancy stand  mixer (ends April 24th). 

Anyone else struggling with workout consistency?

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