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Apr 8, 2013

Hey girl hey,

Two posts in one day - crazy town.

Here's hoping you had a SPLENDID weekend.  I sure did. It was busy, fun, and I even snuck in a post race nap before M abandoned me for the week with the monsters #winning.  Full race deets coming soon...

Have you seen this? It enrages me to the core.  Equally as much at "make it a happy period."

I love vodka. So much so that in college a friend and I started a sisterhood (we didn't have greek life at our college), declared awesomeness for life, and got matching "VS" tattoos.  True story. So obviously when I saw various ways to use said nectar, it sent me to nostalgic, undergraduate debauchery lane. See here for 5 different uses you'd never guess.  

RHOA Reunion, Part One (of THREE!) aired last night. It was a train wreck, soaked in gasoline and snarky comments.  And I loved. every. second.  Best part? Kenya's music video - in a word, spoof-tac-ular. Just watch it, it'll make your day.  Or not.

I've decided I "need" a vanity.  You know to hold all the make up I NEVER wear.  Basically a place to do my hair, and to organize my products.  Cuz apparently once you hit dirty thirty you invest in every cream, gel, serum to reduce lines, diminish ass dimples, and reverse the hands of time.  What, is that just me? I looked on Craiglist - but I saw the Lifetime movie once so I'm convinced I'll be murdered, so I need to make or buy something. Any ideas?  

Alas, Taper Week!

4/1 - Ran 1.99 mi on TM (20:45)
4/3 - Ran 2.52 mi at Tower Grove Park with the dogs (28:03)

"If you bring treats, they will run"

{via Instagram}

4/6 - Ran 2.56 mi at Tower Grove Park (27:14)
-I make a habit to get in a run, no matter the distance the day before a race. It eases my nerves, stretches my legs, and gets me in the race mindset. Or so I tell myself.  In reality I'm just making sure my legs remember what running is before I hit the start line and I freak out...

Finally, a teaser of things to come:

Half Marathon:

Marcia Ginger at the 6Mile in 1:02:41.

Pace 10:27 min/Mile.
Estimated Finish Time: 2:16:58.
Estimated Time of Arrival: 9:26:33.

Can you guess what my tattoo means?  Where is it located?

Do you run with you dogs?

Do you run the day before a race?

Do you have a vanity? Where do you keep all your beauty products?

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