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May 22, 2013

As I dig greedily into my May Klutch box like a kid on Christmas and checked my bazillion emails from the last few weeks I saw that there is even MORE reasons for me to adore Klutchclub.  They compiled all the customer favorites into four different boxes - Weight Loss, Snack & Tea, Gluten Free, and Beauty.

Want to get back on track with your health and fitness goals so you can feel like stronger, healthier you? We’ve put together the best health and fitness products to help you maintain a healthy weight, workout regime and positive relationship with your body. Now, with the help of our Weight Loss KLUTCHclub box, you can say yes to losing weight and getting in shape! For only $25 + FREE SHIPPING, you get this amazing collection of weight-loss items with a total retail value of more than $100. This box contains awesome items: Yur Buds and KT tape can be your workout buddies, while the Celsius drink, FRS Healthy Slim Chews and Barre real food bar serve as the perfect post work-out snack. But this Weight Loss KLUTCHclub box is the gift that keeps on giving-- we also included $70 in subscriptions to Daily Burn and Weight Loss Hypnosis!
Purchase Weight Loss Box
Got the munchies? Have no fear! KLUTCHclub now has the perfect alternative to unhealthy snacks and drinks with this specialty box that satisfies every craving. Stocked with premium teas like Taylors of Harrogate and Mighty Leaf, which are nicely complimented by Truvia natural sweetener. Did we mention the crunch Popcorners chips and other munchies like Fig barsGood GreensSoy Joy and Gin Gin candies?  All of these goodies are yours, for only $18 + FREE SHIPPING. 
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Did you know that May is Gluten Free Awareness Month? The KLUTCHclub team has put together a collection of Gluten Free favorites for our members with intolerance and sensitivity with Gluten Free Speciality Box. This box is a great way to try new Gluten-Free items, including Funky Monkey SnacksSkinny PopAllergEase, plus lots more!  Try one for yourself  for only $25 + FREE SHIPPING.
Purchase Gluten Free Box
Why not be the best version of yourself? Keep your skin looking and feeling great with a variety of natural personal care and beauty products. Box includes include customer favorites like Yu Be Moisturizing Skin Cream, Pssssst Dry Shampoo, and C. Booth Body Butter. Treat yourself to the Beauty Box for  only $18 + FREE SHIPPING!
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I can personally attest to the value of Klutchclub - when I bought my first box (post - here) I was shocked to find Yurbuds inside. Those alone cost more than the entire box.  From there an addiction was born.  Each month I wait patiently with my calendar alerts to notify me of the impending monthly present I send myself, and for the purple box to await me on my doorstep. Then it goes a little like this:

  1. Squeal 
  2. Gently open box while squealing
  3. "Ooh and ahhh" over all the awesome contents
And just when I am about to try out my last item, a new box arrives. It's the gift that keeps giving folks. 

I'm crushing, HARD on all the boxes, so I've rated them from 1-4 (1 = NOW)as to which one I "need" first:

  1. Weight Loss
  2. Snack & Tea
  3. Gluten Free
  4. Beauty

What box do you have your eye on?

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