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May 28, 2013

There's no place like - an entire week in the great state of, Kansas. Granted working for the best railroad in North America a railroad sends you to "picturesque" places. All which require taking a magnifying glass to a map, humility to stop and ask for directions (because you WILL get lost, every. time.), and a sense of humor. So when short hair has the opportunity to visit places she's actually heard of/visited before, it's like Christmas.

Hello - Kansas.

Stayed - here. The accommodations reminds me of an apartment, which, if you are traveling for six days is a slice of heaven. Cuz you don't have to make your bed. And it had a walk in closet.

Before I travel I always check the essentials (in this order)*. There's nothing worse than arriving and having to play "seek and find" when you are already zonked from traveling.

  1. Gym - nearby parks, trails, hotel gym, and gyms I have a membership to (my work pays for them - I have three #blessed #whydoIstillhavethunderthigs #options)
  2. Coffee - I never sleep well away from home.  Unless I have a roomie. And they are open to spooning
  1. Grocery Store - If my hotel has a fridge, I'm going shopping. Extra snacks (in addition to my packed emergency snack stash), bottled water, items I forgot to pack
  2. Shopping/Entertainment - pretty much stores I don't have at home
Travel is always a whirlwind, so I try to have as much planned out beforehand so I'm not extra stressed. Plus I'm OCD.

Drove - this. Complete with ridiculously cool flip out key.

Overland Park-20130510-00471.jpg

Ate - ALOT. Hotel room feast while watching the season finale of Revenge? Don't mind if I do...


Worked out - here. SWANKY. Entertainment area (read: leather couches and flat screens), pool, jacuzzi, store, you name it. Granted the cardio equipment was on the 2nd floor - so I was sweating like a whore in church and almost passed out. 

I even got in a little in hotel room Tracy Anderson mat work #30daychallenge 


My hotel gym had three cardio machines - treadmill, stair climber, bike (I think).  While I am not complaining (all the equipment was brand new and super techy), I only went once cuz someone was always on the mill'.

22 Things The Little Rascals Taught Us About Romance

The one time, however, will forever be etched in my mind. Schlep my rear to the gym, notice it's empty (score!), turn the TV onto the news (read: trashy reality TV), and hit the mill. About 20 minutes in to my hill/tempo hell run he enters. A guy from training (in the other class). 6'4 (yes, I asked him), tan, great smile. Then there was me, dying of an asthmatic seizure on the treadmill sweating like I'd just stepped outta the gates of hell. We exchange pleasantries and continue about our respective workouts. He does abs (obviously), and lifts weights (duh), while I pound on the treadmill like a bull training for Pamplona. He was friendly, so we chatted like we'd known one another for years. He even took interest in the "news" and knew who they were(!). Nothing melts my heart like people who enjoy cutting edge celebrity gossip. Needless to say watching him (sorry M) lift weights, do push ups, squats, and ab work passed the time quickly. And for that, I owe that hill/tempo workout to him. For being eye candy and letting me oogle his goodies for an hour. 


Upon my arrival into STL I was greeted by a jazz band AND a lady was passing out mini gooey butter cakes in the terminal.  #welcomehome #southwestterminalrocks

Do you have to travel with your job?

How do you workout away from home?

*and print directions

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  1. Ah,ye ol' railroad job. I was just telling the tale of a job I did for Union Pacific where I ended up covered in tics. My job takes me to all the luxurious gas stations in all the land (well, all of Missouri). Try not to be jealous.

    I am a St. Louis gal as well! I enjoy your blog, glad Holly linked to it!


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