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May 3, 2013


Yours truly has been playing games with her life and not drinking java every morning as required to be a productive member of society.  It's been rough for everyone around me, y'all.  

When we gypsy to M's, although he is advanced in terms of "male-ness", boyfriend lacks a coffee maker. Which essentially is a hate crime. Ever the logical thinker he "suggested" I tote my coffee maker (along with my work/workout/lounge clothes, toiletries, mail, reading material, laptop, ipad, fridge contents, run gear - etc) along with the magic bullet I already bring for morning smoothies. Absolutely honey, but first could you hand me that pen so I can jab it in my eye?  Granted I already pack like the Apocalypse is here, so Lord knows I don't need one more paper clip, let alone appliance to pack into my car for the week. 

So here I am - googling travel presses. For everyone's safety. 

Surely I cannot be the only person who is going/went through this. When you maintain household's separate from your other half/boyfriend how did you deal with the oddities? - I'll start continue. In his home there are NO mirrors save for the bathroom above the sink. So I brought a section of my three paneled floor length mirror over. Cuz assessing your look via window reflection only gets you so far nowhere...


Challenge Update(s):

So far, Ms. Anderson has kicked my rear every night this week after work. I like it, I love it, I want some more of it! 

Are you doing the 4M Challenge? If so, what are your goals? Sticking with them?


{more info - here}

3 days, 3 smoothies. Boom. There really isn't a recipe I follow per se', it is more "what's in my fridge that I can toss in the magic bullet".  But the staples are:

Frozen Fruit
Vanilla Protein Powder
Coconut Water 
Fresh herbs (mint, cilantro, parsley)

I add two handfuls of fruit, one of spinach, one heaping scoop of protein powder, few sprigs of fresh herbs, and then fill the cup half way with coconut water. It adds up 200 calories or so - and keeps us full till lunch #winning. 

What are your favorite smoothie recipes?  - I am obsessed with Chocolate Lean 1 with Peanut Butter  from Smoothie King, yet haven't ventured to try it at home, yet.


My eating habits this week have been - lackluster. Which is why I shouldn't be surprised my scale throat punched me yesterday. I swapped from a clutch back to my man-eating hand bag, and have been keeping protein bars for emergencies like I usually do.

Do you pack snacks in your purse?  - I usually keep at least two protein bars. 

Running this week went along well, minus this incident, and skipping my run yesterday due to sheer and utter exhaustion.  Which in hindsight I should have just gone, I felt incredible guilt for not running. I had to remind myself while consistent workouts/runs is key,take pause and remember to give my body rest when it needs/demands it. 

Speaking of running, the Superhero 5k is tomorrow (rain, rain, go away), and I cannot wait to dress up! I put the finishing touches on it last night, it's gonna be so much fun - and hopefully I can run a "empty the gas tank" race and PR. But really I just wanna take a billion pictures, spend time with my friend who's in town for wedding stuff (M.O.H. duties call) solely to run this 5k with me,  and relax before my week long business trip next week.

Can you guess what superhero I'll be?  Leave a comment of your guess and the first person with the correct answer wins a prize!

Wishing everyone of fabulous weekend!

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  1. maybe the solution to your maintaining two households is to in fact merge them into one by moving in together. you already have fur babies together, so it might be the next step??


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