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May 15, 2013

I mentioned about a month ago that I got my self together, started using a training log, and began implementing various training sessions to improve speed, endurance, and pacing. Then I forgot to tell you how it went. It's hell turning 30 getting old. So here it is, a recap of my first foray into Hill Repeats:

Mile 1: I love this playlist. Ooh, this hill looks good. 

Mile 1.5: Ok, here goes nothing. 

Mile 1.6: Holy smokes, if I'm suppose to do this till I can't anymore I should stop. At one.  Cuz my lungs damn near exploded, and I'm pretty sure I've drawn a crowd.

Mile 1.7: Don't be a wuss, aim for five. Just keep moving...

Mile 1.8 - 1.9: I blacked out. Probably comparable to what people do when something really traumatic happens. 

Mile 2: Five repeats. You're a badass Ginger. Aww crap, don't cry, a couple spotted your impromptu session in front of their house and, along with their dog, have taken interest in the show. Did they just drag out patio furniture???

Mile 2.1: Sobbing. Running. Mess. Who ugly cries while running? This girl...

Mile 3: Eff this noise - five will have to do. I don't remember my name. I can't feel my legs.

Mile 4: Calm down, it's over. Find my stride and settle into a slow, comfy pace. 

Mile 4.2: Shit - I'm lost. How do I get lost in my own neighborhood?

Mile 5: You have GOT to be joking. I'm BACK at this mother effing hill. Again. 

Mile 5.05: (putting on big girl pants)

Mile 5.10: Five more repeats won't kill me, right? Besides my audience is gone. 

Mile 5:5: I'm on top of the world hill! Ten repeats and I feel like I've conquered the monster under my bed.

Mile 5.9: I can see my building - feet don't fail me now. 

Mile 6: HOME! Collapse onto floor. Comence sobbing once more as I recount the tale to M and the dogs. And they look at me like I've officially lost my mind. 

But I survived. And it was worth every tear. No joke it was DIFFICULT. I wanted to quit, and had a mini giant meltdown. But I survived :)

Do you do hill repeats? 

What is your most challenging training session?

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