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Jun 11, 2013

The kind, sweet, generous folks over at My Kitsch emailed me awhile back and asked me to review some of their new line. And let me choose the item(s) - which took me a bazillion years, have you seen their site? I mean really - I was overwhelmed with the task. So many great pieces at a super affordable price point. So, in true OCD fashion, sent a "wish list" so I wouldn't have to decide. The next day, (literally) I've got mail. First I get to pick presents and now I get mail (my one true love)?! It's too much, I must lie down...

Darn picture un-rotated itself..oops.

Safari + Golden Goddess Hair Ties

I Luv Me Necklace + Earring Set

Click - here for a photo of the set, as soon as I opened the package I put the necklace on, and that is where it has remained. Every. Day. All. Day. #loveitsomuch #goeswitheverything #justenough

Besides, everytime I wear the necklace I get a compliment. And we all know short hair LOVES the spotlight...Plus my mom keeps trying to steal it when I see her. I love you, but don't touch my gems mom!

Most of all, I was really excited to try out all this fun "arm candy" stuff like the cool kids. 

At Cardinals games

Grabbing java

Saving the world Running. Which came in "SUPER" (get it? haha) handy for this race doing double duty as arm candy AND holding my tresses out of my face whilst I PR'd. Yep. 

- Morale of the story  -

Get some hair ties: These bad boys never tangle in my mane, can be worn as arm candy till I need them so I'm not searching the depths of my handbag dujour for one. Or using a rubber band. Not that I have before...

Take a peeky-looky-see at their website, and/or find them at your local retailer. Then follow them on Instagram. Stalk them on Twitter.  You know, make em' feel "special". And tell them Marcia at Y29 sent ya. 

Would I buy this product? HELL yes. And I  told all my friends, so if your reading this - act surprised when I gift you with some seriously cute stuff. You're welcome :)

*My Kitsch sent me some of their products and asked me to review it on my blog.  All the opinions pertaining to My Kitsch itself and all items are my own.

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  1. Love the hairbands! I for sure need to get some! PS I nominated you for a Liebster Award! It's just a fun and easy way to meet new blogging friends. Details here:

  2. I have the best "surprised look"!! ;)

    Those are super cute. I love them for both reasons. Dang you, Marcia for sharing all these cute things with me!! Homegirl with no money now has to or b a bank!!

    Hey My Kitsch!! Need anymore reviews?!?! :)


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