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Jun 3, 2013

Hey lover friends -

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend, I sure did. Three and a half blissful days off work, a road trip with my sole sista, CONQUERING the Hospital Hill Half Mary, and celebrating SO hard I've got battle wound(s). Yes, it was fantastic indeed.  Full weekend/race recap soon, right now my sole focus is recovery - pretty much making the pelvis pain go away and dropping the 5lbs I gained in said three and a half days. Priorities. 


  • How incredible would attending Wanderlust be? On my bucket list - for sure.
  • Child of the 80's? Check out this list to see how much you remember. Ahh, memories.
  • My 9-5 is holding a Pedometer Challenge to trek the distance of the intercontinental railroad. As of last night my team was in 1st - holla! 
  • I'm obsessed with water bottles. And have 2 of the 11 in this article. #waterbottlejunkie
  • My sole sista, the gem she is, wrote this post. About me. And every word is true. Thank goodness she wised up and got her ticket, cuz Lord knows I'd drive to AR to kidnap her, stuff her with wine and make her sing along.
  • My mom got me an AARP card.  Which officially mean I have to go to bed by 8 pm, and start wearing mumus...
  • Gizoogle - where you search you twitter handle and everything comes out - gangsta.  Here are mine.
  • Read this and keep a dry eye - dare you...
Edition01 for Tracy Anderson
{Latest Edition01 for Tracy Anderson collection has me drooling}
  • Crushing, HARD on this bag
  • The whole "sponsor" thing mystifies me, but when this big timer had openings for May I knew it was time to crawl out from under my rock and get with the program.  So I emailed her and said, "YES! I wanna be a sponsor!!!! What's a sponsor?" True story. Because she has the patience of a saint she cliff noted it for me. Cut to a few days ago when I see - this. And about DIED. She called me fit, gorgeous, and a model. Holly, clearly I owe you more money...

Did you race this weekend?

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