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Jun 24, 2013

Whirlwind. Weekend. Here we go!

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Wednesday night I went to the Cards + Cubs game with my college suite mate (we shared a bathroom).  Beer + Stadium food + Serenading the shuttle driver.  Yep, it happened.

Thursday on my way home from work this happened. A piece of construction material (drywall/sheet rock) came off the truck in front of me and clobbered my poor Escape. Terrifying as it was, I didn't have/cause and accident, and I walked away with a glass shards everywhere and a few scratches. Praise be to God!

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Cocktails with some of my fave ladies (and guy). 

Pink Mizuno + Purple Saucony
Shoe shopping. My Nike's had to go to shoe heaven after speed  work last week, which only meant one thing - my bank account was gonna take a beating.

I've had a nagging, ok not nagging STABBING pain on the inside of my lower leg for a few weeks. So I ditched my ole kicks which helped, but just to be sure I've got an appointment with an ortho Thursday. Fingers crossed the pain is only in my imagination...

Mint Mizuno + Purple Saucony
Reason 2353463094 I ONLY get my kicks from Big River Running Co and love them lots like tator tots - the guy literally spent 40 minutes explaining each shoe I was going to try on, let me run/walk./bounce like a fool in them (I was nervous to try them out on the treadmill for fear of wiping out). In addition, he explained the wear on my current shoe (tip: bring your old shoes in for analysis) - mid foot strike, speed, left foot works harder. When he said my shoes showed speed I lit up like a Christmas tree. Naturally.

Winner? Mint Mizuno (MFL).  Though the purple are badass,  the arch support left a little to be desired, and if you are spending $$$ for shoes they better be everything you dreamed of, and a bottle if Champagne...

They had to be shipped from another store, and as we speak I'm wondering if I can hold out till the new Mizuno's come out in July...that or rob a bank/get a sugar daddy.


Participated in the One Run For Boston relay, leg 192 on Saturday. EPIC. Full recap coming soon...


My life's new mission: find - eat - repeat, a Cronut


 Brown butter recipes


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A sequel - sign me up! SO excited to get my hands on this baby...


Miles has taken over the problem child role. While Rubin has settled into full on needy, and must be touching you - at all times. Last week the little stinker escaped the yard not once, not twice, but five times!? I was certain my new neighbor whom I have yet to see/meet was going to snipe shot me from her balcony for entering her yard. I was fully ready to have the cops called on me.

Update: Almost two weeks and no escape attempts. #thankgodformiracles


Must see this movie. LOVED Princess Diana. LOVE Naomi Watts


Tracy Anderson collection with Edition 01. And SALE on here website apparel


Nelson Mandela is in critical condition. Please keep him in your prayers. 


I'm officially OVER moving. That is all. #icantpacktosavemylife #ADD #OCDoverload. Meanwhile, my new home is mighty nice.  The guy who lives with me is pretty darn amazing too. #happyhappyjoyjoy #anyonewannacomehelpmemove

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  1. 1. OH MY WORD, when you said something hit your windshield, you made is seem light as bird shit! I'm so glad you're ok. 2. Please take me to BIG River next weekend after we drink, I mean go for a run! lol.


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