Jun 30, 2013

One Run for Boston

The Saturday before last I took part in "One Run for Boston", a non stop relay from LA to Boston to show support and raise money for those affected on April 15, 2013, started by three incredible giving individuals - Danny, Kate, and Jaime (source)

START:  Los Angeles - Friday June 7, 2013
FINISH:  Boston - Sunday June 30, 2013

In just three weeks the One Run For Boston relay will travel over 3000 miles through fourteen different states.  Runners from across the USA, and beyond, will run day and night to get the baton to Boston.  You can follow their progress every step of the way via our live map and daily news updates (source)

Each runner got to sign the map

I joined leg #192 which traveled from downtown Saint Louis, MO across the McKinley Bridge, ending in Venice, IL

Thanks to speed work, I'd met Kris who was also running the same leg, so we agreed to carpool a vehicle to the finish so we wouldn't have to run back #genius.  The week leading up we followed the live tracker and Facebook feed to ensure we made it downtown in time for the baton exchange and our leg. Lucky for us and our would be 4 am wake up time, the relay was about two hours behind, giving us plenty of rest and time to meet at 6:30 am. And not run in the dark. In IL.

We made it to the landing in ample time to meet and greet, sign the banner and stretch. There was a news team there to capture the baton hand off and our leg, which was incredibly neat

 They even interviewed a runner from STL who was running at mile 26 during Boston this year and her husband, a spectator. I had the wonderful privilege to run with him and meet her - my heart doubles in size when I think of how kind and incredibly inspiring they are

Once the baton arrived - crossing in front of the Arch and down the steps, we were off!

The run was not timed or chipped, each runner encouraged to run at whatever pace they chose. And although I'm far too OCD to go "naked," I never once check my Garmin or worried about my pace.  This was not a race, it was a celebration

Everyone got a chance to run/take photos with "Miles" the ORFB official baton. I won't lie, I totally felt like the Olympics when I carried the torch. Baton. #vividimagination

Some people ran for fun, some for a cause. Danny Howell ran in memory of his friend, fallen solider Sgt. Brian Walker. And his super kind wife followed as a pace car handing out waters and sports drinks  

Mary and I
The course was slotted to run along the river, but due to flooding we took the safer alternative winding around without a need for water wings

"Miles" and I got to meet along the Riverfront.  Thankfully so, there was a MASSIVE hill, had I not had "Miles" I may have walked.  Or tripped and fell. Which would not for photogenic runner of the day

Crossing the bridge into IL - Kris, Kate, Eric

Obviously we HAD to stop and take pictures. #ontheborder

(via Instagram)

At the finish? More photos. Plus a smooch sesh with "Miles". Cuz batons need love too. The news crew captured our arrival to the finish, for some reason the clip won't let me move it - check out the bottom of this post for my moment of fame. Autographs available upon request :)

When I got home I took the hounds out for a run. 

(via Instagram)

Post Run. Mission accomplished.  Though the breathtaking humidity did help. 

(via Instagram)

Afterwards I hit up this place with a friend.  Sadly, they are closing, so it was bittersweet. We celebrated the right way.  With Mimosas.

Running alongside people all passionate about running is always a memorable experience. Getting the honor to meet and get to know Kate, Danny, and all the incredible volunteers who aided in various ways is something I'll hold close to my heart forever.

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