Semi Wordless Weekend

Jun 18, 2013

-- Friday --


Overeating Snack time

St. Louis-20130614-00586.jpg

Sam's find - Rebook workout tees for $7 #boughteverycolor #marathonthighs

St. Louis-20130614-00584.jpg

Afternoon in the "office"


Hydrating "the hounds" on our run


Post Run

St. Louis-20130615-00602.jpg

Orange tee, black shorts, Purple Compression Socks, Pink Crocs 


Post run recovery meets pre race prep

-- Saturday --

St. Louis-20130615-00595.jpg

Komen Race for the Cure 5k

Bib: 72
Time: 31:03; 39th in age group, 282 gender, 609 division


Hydrating after the race for my long run


Girls Night 


Recovery - because running 12.93 miles and then wearing wedges is how I roll
#keepittight #vanity #myfriendsmadefunofme #iwascomfy

-- Sunday --


Homemade dog treats

Race recap, how the Running With Your Dog Clinic" changed my life, juicing, and homemade sweet potato dog treat recipe coming soon!

*Sorry for the crappy quality pics - my computer loathes me at moment...

Breaking news: I got my iPhone yesterday!!! Be sure to follow me on Twitter, Instagram - cuz life just got REAL. Also, if you have apps you LOVE let me know, I've been out of the "tech" loop for four long years!

How was YOUR weekend?

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