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Jun 27, 2013

Twenty-four months after I signed my first lease and lived, on my own - ever, M and I are moving into SIN together. 

Ok, ok. I've been "moving" for almost two months now. Details.

After my last move (more on that life change - here), my mom swore she'd never help me move again, that I simply had too much stuff (she thought I had NO belongings and lived on water and air), and I would need to pay movers to assist if I ever moved again. In life. Naturally she was the first person to show up at my apartment and help, with my baby sister in tow.

I love my "smother" :)

Juice Du Jour: 

Hot Water with Lemon
Greens with Apple (8:00 am)
Spinach + Lemon + Apple + Blueberry (1:30) - 1/2 a serving
Pineapple + Mint (3:00 pm)
Raw Chocolate Milk (8:20 pm)

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Of Note: While I was off gallivanting (read: boozing) across the lou with this beauty, M went to my apartment, on his day off, packed, and moved some of my stuff. Brownie points? I think so! I mean he uses tape, boxes and everything. #winnerwinner #luckyme

Moving day was a whirlwind so my first juice took about 4 hours to consume. Picked up the uhaul, and got to bizness. Sadly/luckily, the snail paced packer I am had moved 90% of my belongings in small car trips (read: not packed, and jammed into my car), so the only thing left was my big furniture. Boy, was it BIG. Who made furniture so damn heavy?  

Two minutes after picking up the uhaul I run a red light and cut someone off. The power has gone to my head...
— Marcia Ginger (@MarciaElise) June 26, 2013

Once loaded we headed back to the new casa to unload.  And found a scene reminiscent of a crime drama.  Only we weren't robbed. Or burgled. Our dogs got out of their crate somehow and TRASHED the place. Sadly, personal items were harmed in their ransacking...

Mother effer. Add something else to this day will ya? Once we cleaned up all the dog presents and assessed the damage, we unloaded. 4237 looks like 10 families live there now. And smells like dog urine. Lovely. After subjecting my mom and baby sis to the smells, and slave labor, we decided to get lunch.

Then  realized we were stinky pigs and ditched getting odd looks in public.  So I ordered Imo's pizza and salad. And packed a juice for myself.  Not once did I think about the ramifications of this. Until it was delivered and everyone had pizza and chef salad (my favorite from there!) - and I had a green juice. I tried sitting in a different room to have my juice, but apparently meal time is/was meant to be spent "together", so I sat there, like a creeper, drooling over everyone's plate. And sipping my juice. 


Juice Count: 2 Green, 1 Fruit, 1 Nut Milk

Workout: Moving day induced rest day

Mood: Moving is always stressful and exhausting, but their were moments or sheer joy the remind me how lucky I am

Cravings: See pizza lunch above

Hunger: Mild hunger from returning the Uhaul and not having juice on hand

Skin: No change

Aches, Pains: Body aches from moving, nothing juice related

Sleep: Slight insomnia, then again the stress of unpacking/organizing and entire house is a tad daunting. Plus my orthopedic appointment is in the morning.

Day #4 (June 26, 2013) - COMPLETE!

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