Will Run, for Wine

Jun 13, 2013

Guess who finally found the cord and charger for their camera? This girl. So over the next few weeks, among unpacking, organizing, and you know, life, I'll recap on all the great stuff that has been held hostage on my camera.

Look ma, I can eat healthy!

My afternoon coworkers.  Slackers.


Long run paradise: running to a friends house - for wine.

39th Annual University City Memorial Day Run:
MARCIA GINGER crossed the Finish at 08:39 AM
Course time: 01:09:13
Pace: 11:09 min/mi

I don't know about you, but I love the idea of running a race on holidays - it is becoming one of my favorite ways to celebrate. Before the celebration. Now if I could only wake up early every day to run, but that's a whole other story/excuse.  So when I saw that this race was literally steps from my (old) front door and I had someone willing to run with me, I jumped at the chance. I'm normally a solo runner , but it's really comforting to know at least one person on race day, I play where's "so in so" to pass the time when I hit a wall. 

I digress.  

Porta potty alley, folks stretching, music blaring. We found a parking spot, stretched and got in line near the start. What we didn't realize until the gun went off was that it was an uphill start - hot damn. The race wound through University City, down Delmar, Bonhomme, and looping back on residential streets. There were gracious homeowners who had sprinklers on which was heaven considering the HUMIDITY. 

Around mile 5.5 I hit a wall and could not shake it. I was toast. The heat was too much, and I could have sworn they moved the start line. Once the trees part I saw it - like a ray of sun, the finish, and A.  I just remember having tunnel vision "you can stop when you get to A - GO!" I dug deep, and finished strong, running dang near into A. Little did I know my mom and Aunt had come to cheer us on (and were standing next to A)!!! It literally doubles my heart in size when there are people I know at the finish. For people - friends, family, random strangers to take time out of their lives, brave the elements, park God knows how far away and stand on the sidelines to cheer on runners. My cup overflows... THANK YOU :)

Sweaty survivors

Check out official race photos - here, full race recap - here

Bib: 24
Time:  1:09:13; 452/545 overall; 219/284 female; 46/58 age


Warm a Brownie Quest bar in the microwave for about 15 - 20 seconds. Cut into chunks. Scoop Banana Soft Serve on top. Drizzle dark chocolate frosting over that. Top it off with fresh Strawberries. 

So good every item in the sink was fudge covered. For days. #cantstopwontstop #chocolatelover


Zooma sent a care training package to the first some many people registered for each race. Inside is a note, inspirational quotes from other runner (SR!), playlist ideas, training plans and some "swag" from the race sponsors: Muscle Milk Light, Gu, Body Glide,  and Cytomax.

First, I love that this organization is started by two women. GIRL POWER! The care package includes the hydration and gels given on the course, which is both genius and incredibly thoughtful. This is the first race I've ran to give you course hydration to test out BEFORE the race. I can only imagine how amazing this race weekend will be. And I'm hoping to PR - there I said. Train hard to race hard, right? 

57 days until Zooma!

I've been creating in the kitchen - check out my Eat page for the latest. They are yummy, and easy, promise!

My mom got me an AARP card. I have no words.

Women's Reebok CrossFit Forging Elite Fitness Capri - Print Pants Z21720
Need these, YESTERDAY.  And I don't even know what Cross Fit is

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