Chair Dance

Jul 30, 2013

First, I saw this.  Then, this. An obsession was born.

In my mania quest for doughy goodness I found out this place makes their own version, a Doughssant. Because in his genius, Ansel trademarked/copywright/patented Cronut. Short hair didn't care what you called it, I NEEDED all of them one. Yesterday.

So I did what any red blooded American would do. Enlisted a friend, set my alarm, and barely slept. Cuz I was that excited.

Awesomely, anything that involves food I'm overly joyous as you should be about it.  So I showed up ten minutes early. Cuz I couldn't get to the finish line and have nothing to show for it. Plus when inquiring about them the staff advised me they were selling out quickly, which meant get-there-early-bring-your-brass-knuckles. Obviously.

I was the only person there at 6:45 a.m. 

So I paced the plaza, dreaming of the impending fried goodness.

We were the first people that morning. #winning.

Our tasting table. Complete with fruit and coffee. Balanced breakfast.  Boom. 

(via Instagram)

First, Raspberry. Flaky, crisp edges, just doughy enough middle, with the perfect amount of filling. There was copious food chair dancing going on. An indication unicorns are real.

Second, Chocolate. Pudding like texture. Oozey goodness.

Hi, my name is Marcia, and I have a food addiction.  

"Will chair dance, for delicious food."

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