Life As Of Late: According To My iPhone (Pt. 1)

Jul 18, 2013

First, this went down, then this happened. So basically my lack of blog posts is because I was off having so much fun, and forgot to write. Or not.

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I've been popping vitamins, cross training, and attending physical therapy and breaking into cold sweats err damn time I have to squats. 

And eating a lifetime supply of ice cream, gelato, and frozen yogurt. Like a boss. Gotta get in my dairy - builds strong bones. #stressfracturehealfast

Once my pity party winded down (believe me, it took days/a week), I made the conscious decision to use this as an opportunity to be grateful for what I COULD do. I read this book awhile ago and it really spoke to me, so now, when I really need to focus on gratitude, I'm revisiting.

Speaking on gratitude, a few days after I posted about my injury, Kyra emailed me, and because she has the kindest heart, offered to run for me! If you haven't shown her blog some love please stop by, she is pretty fantastic - and I am constantly blown away by the support, love, and encouragement of my blog bff's.  #runningformarcia

I've also been doing intense medical research googling on stress fractures and committing Skinny Runner's guest post about injuries to memory.

"Sprinkles are basically vitamins" - my friend J
The next day M's grandmother passed away. On my way home to help him pack he noticed Rubin was acting strange. Affectionate and your constant shadow, she was very standoffish and when M went to pet her she let out the most gut wrenching cry (there were other signs, less obvious that we didn't correlate at the time). So instead of heading to his hometown, we headed to the vet. 

Cliff Notes Version: After an extensive exam and blood work, our vet decided to put Rubin under anesthesia since she was in so much pain (thus making touching her to find the cause near impossible) and have a look at her back. Turns out she has a massive, deep skin infection (bacteria + fungus) that spread the entire length and width of her back. Including raised bumps and open sores. She was shaved, biopsied and the open wounds sutured before they woke her. 

Less importantly, this coincided "perfectly" with day #5 of my 10 day juice cleanse, if you're counting. Add in the start of 28 days without running and you've got one caffeine deficient, no way to run out stress, hot mess. The ER is not a place for speed. So I packed a book, some work, and my juices and water. #alwaysbeprepared 

Rewind: The morning of day #5 I couldn't bear the suspense, so I weighed myself: 124.8! I'd lost 6.2 pounds in five days juicing and working out. My head expanded about three sizes.  And I texted my friends to share in the glory. And made M revel in my "abs".  

Back to my story: Once the doctors finished with Rubin they sent us away for an hour or so so she could wake up from the anesthesia, and probably because me pacing their waiting room was wearing holes in the floor.  And I was on the verge of a meltdown - when they did the physical exam I had to excuse myself from the room. I'm a ugly Oprah cry sobbing excuse for a human.  I believe the vets exact words were, "take her out for a bit, she needs a drink."  Yep, even my vet knows mama is a wino sen-si-tive.

At this point it was Friday, day #6 of my juice cleanse. By the time we walked to the car I had met my max - it was too much. So instead of having my juice, I went with M, who, lets face it had one heck of a day and was far more stable than I was, here, to grab a bite.   

So my juice cleanse lasted 6.5 days. And I didn't take B & A's. Cuz I'm a loser. #bloggerfail

Juice DuJour (day #6):

Hot Water with Lemon
Spinach + Lemon + Blueberry + Apple (9:49 am)
Watermelon + Mint
-------------end of juice cleanse---------------
Spring Roll (1),  Chicken Skewer (1 1/2), and about half a shrimp dish I don't recall the name of, two TBSP of rice
Gelato - because at that point I NEEDED something sweet and was obsessing over it

Thankfully Rubin woke with no complications and came home that night along with three prescriptions. She was still in pain, but the meds helped, and bless Miles, he had a difficult time understanding why his playmate didn't want to play. So he just followed her around, and slept next to her. After he smoked checked her and she not so politely put him in his place. Naturally.

I woke up the next day and weighted myself again, post cleanse for posterity: 125.8

M set off for home and I stayed back with the hounds until funeral arrangements were made.  Rubin got the distinct honor of rocking an t-shirt I tied 80's style so she couldn't a.) scratch the wounds/stitches, b.) get them dirty or exposed to the sun on potty breaks. #conesofshamearecruelandcostasmallfortune #iusedoneofmsshirtsforfree

Before all these things occurred, I had enlisted the help of my mom and baby sister in secret to come over Saturday while M was supposed to be at work and help me unpack, clean, and organize as a surprise.  Let's face it, it took me over two months to move all my stuff, so you know we were living like an episode of Hoarders and despite my best attempts to convey to M my OCD mania, the house reflected otherwise.  M hit the road, and not an hour later the cavalry arrived.  We got the entire first floor unpacked, arranged, and cleaned  #winning #igettobesuperocd #everythinggotorganized.

I even sent my mom home with four boxes of stuff to donate. Ok keep.  That woman won't give anything away #packrat.  Sunday I did a bit on my own and when my mom came back  we made it up the stairs and started on the master bath and laundry room. #ihavethebestsmotherever

to be continued...

This story is an accumulation of life events over five days. We all have lemons thrown at us. This was just a particular time when a whole bag got dumped in our lives. It also serves as a reminder to me that the Lord does not give us anything we can't handle.  And although that time was pretty stressful and emotional, we made it to the other side. God is SO good.

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  1. Love the end of this post! I read Part 2 as well (side note - I love nutritional yeast!), but the ending here is too perfect.

    I hope you're all recovered soon!


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