Life As Of Late: According To My iPhone (Pt. 2)

Jul 24, 2013

In case you missed it, check out part one, here


The next week went a little something like this...

Meal planning + Packing food for the day + The hounds mean mugging my lunch...

Don't ask about the dog "snoods", that's what happens when papa is home with them all day. "Crafts" happen.

Rubin's med's. And a lifetime supply of Vitamin Water Zero for moi. #sheneedsajobmedscostasmallfortune #thatshouldbewineandnotzerocaloriedrinks

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Miles. And the dining room table full of unpacked dishes not quite inside the cabinets yet.

Stuffed Crust Veggie Lovers Pizza. With Nutritional Yeast. 

Speaking of Nutritional Yeast - it is CHEEZY delish.  Do it. If you have a Whole Foods they sell it in the bulk aisle, so you can get a tiny bit to try without gambling away your life. 

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My sister, the hound whisperer.

Bribery in its purest form: Gelato. A potent, decadent treat. #icantbelieveshesseveteen

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Prepping my contribution to every family function. Booze. I know my strengths. 

Walking the Freedom Four-miler on Independence Day. In my new kicks.

In case you missed my high pitched squeals of delight, see the video - here.

#happybirthdaymerica #norunninggivesmewaytoomuchfreetime #istalkedeverystoreinstlandleftworktobuythem

Plenty photo opportunities

And time to pose for obligatory selfies

I worked up a sweat never pass up junk food, so I took full advantage of the Popsicle at the finish.

I was already registered to run, so once that wasn't an option, I chose to walk (and not waste my money) and enjoy the morning.  And follow my doctors orders. #jumpingforaphotmaynothavebeensmart #oops

Alas, I'm OCD, so these are the results even though I don't count this as a "race" for me:

Freedom 4 Miler - Presented by Schnucks:
MARCIA GINGER crossed the Finish at 08:16 AM
Course time: 01:12:41
Pace: 18:11 min/mi

Then went home a made THESE

Then drank and ate my way to heaven with my peeps and these beauties. #ithinkmwasdrunkwhenhetookthis #holyblurryphoto

Sometimes I look out the window and see this.

to be continued...

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