Life As Of Late: According To My iPhone (Pt. 3)

Jul 25, 2013

If you don't care what's going on, missed my latest whatnots, see them here and here.


So basically my mandatory 28 day prison sentence time off from running looks like this:

Re-lace my cross trainers with my official Sweat Pink laces

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Date Night(s) with my main squeeze
 #dontwearballetflatsonamotorcycle #themufflerburnedmyankle #yesimrockingasweatybandatnight #hewontletmedrive

Try loads of foods I've been wanting to (cottage cheese is under there somewhere). And watching Chopped religiously.

Verdict: I'll never eat cottage cheese plain. Ever.

Hit up this, and saw THAT. Can you tell me what is wrong with this picture?
#thankgodididntgetcaught #iamnotafighter #whowearsshortshorts #hesgotgreatlegs

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Found yet another variety of peanut butter to feed my addiction
#cantstop #peanutbutterwhore #wehavesixdifferentjars

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Planted flowers
#ikilleverything #mwouldonlyletmetouchthedirt #brownthumb #ipickedouttheflowers

Celebrated 365 days with my guy
#iloveflowers #theysmelldivine #sodoesthecandle #iatethechocolatesonophoto

Took an obscene amount of photos of the hounds...can you believe they are 8 months old and weigh over forty pounds (43/47) each already?

They surrender much easier and I get the photos I want

But usually have to follow them around the house with my camera for an hour

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Finally tried Silk Iced Coffee. And added frozen coffee "ice cubes" to add more caffeine. 
#coffeeaddict #wastenotwantnot

Note: It tastes like heaven, is non dairy, and is only 100 calories per serving 
#winnerwinnerchickendinner #lactosesensitive

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More quality time with this guy watching these guys. And loving him even though he's a Cubs fan.
#thatshouldbeadealbreaker #goodthinghescute #hotsummernights #sweatybandlove

Following stalking online and with the radio all day the royal baby arrival. And researching the Dutchess, the Royal Family, their history, and what diet she follows. And cuz you're about to Google it, its the Dukan Diet (you're welcome).

Thanks to my 9-5 I'm headed here for a work conference this fall. Thankfully we are headed down a few days earlier to fully enjoy the sand and sun, and spend more than 7 hours, together, alone, since we got the hounds. So I've got less than 5 months to get my rear in shape, and find a swimsuit(s) to accentuate my "marathon thighs".

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Made this. Not bad, but I think I'll blend flours next time for a less crumbly texture if I make it again.

And this. Make it, NOW. 

So there you have it. My life, as of late. Told ya you didn't miss much, but I missed you all the same :)

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  1. So much happiness in one post! Happy anniversary, and I love the motorcycle pic!


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