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Jul 3, 2013

It's no secret.

Every time the dogs are in the car, they vomit - ALOT

When we even get near our cars to leave, they immediately start to freak out.  Our vet recommended Benadryl*. It took the edge off, kinda. But still they still puked. Alot.

Thankfully, when I reached out to Rescue Remedy for help, they sent reinforcements.  And seriously adorable collars for each pup

Add a few drops to their water, a snack, and/or rub on their nose and ears?  Check, check, double check

To be safe in a shameless effort not to scrub puke from our car interior, we waited about 30 minutes until departure time

Plenty of time to try on their new collars

And work on a few obedience commands have a photo shoot

Don't let those sweet faces fool you, they are way less precious when they projectile vomit all over you. And your car #etruehollywoodstory

Verdict? Anxiety is lessened (Miles voluntarily gets in the car now), and in 2 out of 4 trials, each dog did not get sick for the entire ride (20-30 minutes in length) at least once.  Which is HUGE.

Dear Rescue Remedy, our cars and nostrils thank you. #pukesmellishardtoremove

On my last trip to Whole Foods and Walgreens I saw they actually have an entire line of products, for humans (even horses!) covering various ailments as a natural remedy. And you can test them out/smell in the store #ilovesampling 

Would I recommend Rescue Remedy? Absolutely.  Both dogs willing took the drops be it plain, on treats or rubbed onto ears/nose. Plus it is non sedative which really makes me feel good about administering to my fur babies.

Have you ever tried any natural remedies? If so, what?

*We gave our dogs Benadryl under the advice of our vet.  Please consult your vet before trying this on your pet.

**Rescue Remedy provided me with the product above to test out, and review on my blog.  All the opinions and observations of my dogs using this product, are my own.  

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