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Aug 5, 2013

Let's get down to business (read: I've had lots of coffee)

Have you had this? If not, do it, NOW.  You're inner spicy jalapeno will adore you.  

Did you know for every six Suja bottles you get a 10% discount (.90 per bottle) at Whole Foods?  You're welcome.  They also offer the same discount for other stuff you buy in bulk too (just ask) - you can use the dolla dolla bills saved to buy me a present.  My birthday is coming up :)

I wish I could live in Whole Foods. #iloveeverything

(via Instagram)

Latest cup to feed my obsession.  She's purrrty.

Dear Nadoz, I REALLY think you should give me your super high tech juicer. I'm in LOVE.

Hanging out at the new wing in the Art Museum. Inside an exhibit. Normal.

First treadmill workout in month(s). I missed you treadmill...this one is super fancy with TV and a hook up for your iPod, but short hair was impatient and started running before she figured out how to work all the buttons. #rookiemistake

Friday night. 

WelliesCompression Socks + Gym shorts + Giant T-shirt. If there is a "People of Sam's" I will surely be their poster child. 

Two person household. Massive cart of "necessities". This is why my scale is UP, not down. 

Among the Sam's loot: this beauty. Best $5.98 you'll spend.  Mmmmm, coffee.

Tracy Anderson has new material coming out in September. Halleljuah! Guess I should open/use all the one's I've left abandoned since - (insert inappropriate time to be absent).  More info on Precision Toning, here.

College tour with my baby sister last week. Which means I should be researching retirement homes, cuz darn I feel old...

Creating a chore chart for our house. Because apparently we both complete the same tasks and everything else goes untouched. #dustbunnies

The slow, arduous journey back into training is moving along.  Any ideas of grandieur I had about returning to my previous baseline were shut down, body slam style on my first run. Thank goodness I had the presence of mind to bump down to the 10k for the race this Saturday. I'll embarrass myself less. One hopes. Meanwhile I'm beyond excited to have a race this week and for the road trip. Zooma here we come! #stressfracturedontflairup

Attended a good form running clinic over the weekend. Best $10 spent, ever.

This weekend was a STL blogger meet up and the BSB concert. Since we had been drinking all day since noon, we failed to check the times, showed up downtown at 4:30 - and found Mike Shannon's locked up like Fort Knox. So we hit up Fridays across the street to booze it up before we drove to the concert. And boozed it up. And danced like fly girls Epic night. Epic.  

Paper book vs. ebook - here. Gotta admit, though I like the idea of carrying less when I travel, there is nothing like turning the page, by hand.  And that intoxicating book smell. 

Confession: We took the hounds for their 8 month check up a month ago, and Rubin unleashed her stomach contents on the Escape. And I just had my car detailed. Last week. You do the math.

Latest Obsession: Stitch fix. I literally wanted all the pieces in my box.  Till I drunk purchased a $50 BSB tshirt. So I got one item. Stitch fix is super easy to use, and works perfect for me since I have the willpower of a fruit fly in a mall/store/gas station. 

Lululemon sponsored yoga on the field in Busch Stadium. The grass is so plush I want to live on it.

Saint Louis now has not one, but two outlet malls. #winning

Family photos are back, and came out fantastic. Here are a few of my favorites:

The "smother"
The first born/favorite

The middle child
The baby

How was your weekend? Mine was great. Girl time, couch time, and quality time. No complaints here.

Tell me about your family.  I have two sisters 26 and 17. Our dad passed away when I was seven. My mom won't let me share her age :)

Anyone else running Zooma Chicago this Saturday? My sole sista and I are road-tripping up there Friday. 

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  1. I too would live in Whole Foods! It's my happy place :) And, beautiful family pics!

  2. I see that Suja stuff at Whole Foods all the time, but have never bought it because of the price tag. What are your thoughts about it? I'm curious to learn more...

    Oh and I totally can't wait to check out our new outlet malls! I'm waiting a couple of weeks until it's not so crazy. I can't handle the crowds :)

    1. I've done a few juice cleanses before, so I can't speak on how it'd taste otherwise, but they are YUMMY. And if i'm not mistaken I think WF has a policy where if you hate it you can bring it back for a full refund. But for sure try them, Fuel and Green Supreme are my favs!

      I know - I can't go until the crazy crowds die down, I need my space to shop in peace :)

    2. Cool, thanks Marcia. I will give those flavors a try!


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