Hoarders, the mail edition

Sep 17, 2013

It's been awhile - since exhibited willpower, shouted from the rooftops the awesome things in my KlutchClub boxes this Spring/Summer (April - August sounds way worse, i.e. makes me a lazy bum).  Bad blogger, I was too busy enjoying everything to pry my grubby little hands away from the box and rave about it. Prior box loving, here.

Appetite Control chews. Tastes like taffy, keeps the hanger monster in check

(via Instagram)

Best. Hangover. Remedy. To date. 

Omega 3 - orange goodness. So good M took them willingly

(via Instagram)

Beanfield Chips. Oh Mylanta these babies are heavenly

Fiber filling town. Great flavor, texture and - wheat free. Boom

Gluten free ideas. Gifted to a friend with gluten intolerance. Friend of the year.

Wheatgrass Shot. Hints of lemon, great serving size. Fresh taste like it was just juiced

Perhaps I need to consume this by the gallon. Partially because I want a giant brain, and because it didn't make me alert. At all. And I wasted 45 calories - sad day

Took a giant gulp. Bad idea. Must sweeten first. And mix like a ninja. Maybe you'll have better luck

Crackers: delicious, filling, and no carb hangover

Hemp Seeds: Shake to mix before opening, then get down with yo bad self, mon. YUM

Body Wash: Broke the pump in the move, which does not hinder me from slathering myself with the amazing smelling potion, err day

Protein Shake: SO good. Great breakfast

Protein Bar: Lemony, in a natural way, great texture, fresh tasting

Celsius: Can makes me feel cool, the packet is like Christmas year round

Pop Potato - The taste, crunch, and subtle flavor - not too oniony, just right

And, in case you forgot already, I really dig those Caribbean Crunch Hemp Seeds.  To the face ftw

Fruit and Seed Mix: tad messy, but seedy goodness

Coromega Squeeze: giant pouch of smoothie love

KIND bars: WHOA. Unicorns are real. 

Think Thin: Adored these for years. Always will. 

Tea of a Kind: Cool idea, gross flavor

Happy Family Squeeze: Yummy fresh fruit, off putting texture, but happy for the chance to give my digestive system a rest 

So basically what i've been trying to tell you is - -

That One Time I Was Really, Really Excited About Obamacare

I'm a small giant fan of getting monthly boxes from Klutchclub.

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