Life as of late, according to my iPhone (pt.4)

Sep 3, 2013

It's been pedal to the metal at 4237

Unpacking (still), and prepping for my friend's Coed Bridal shower. What better way to force you to unpack, organize, and ease into residing together than hosting a party for 40 people?

  There may/may not have been an incident moving a love seat into the basement that left us me screaming and contemplating roundhouse kicking someone him.

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But he does make me breakfast and puts up with me, so I guess he's a keeper.

Found this coffee randomly at a gas station and have been hooked ever since.  Coffee, made with coconut water? Genius. For you Lou folks, I've seen them at Schnucks.

Exploring different creamers.  This time - non dairy vanilla.  Yum. Bonus, this big guy is literally like $2.99

With all my free time recovering from my injury I've been spending far too much time sprucing up the hounds food (adding in whole foods and trying out wet food). Rubin may/may not wait until I sprinkle Nutritional Flakes on her food now.  Yep, I've created divas.  

Disregard my massive bad hair day and giant nose. 

Redecorating (decorating) the master bath + laundry. Two months later and I found a shower curtain! Had I known two months ago M gave two craps about color choices, ruffles, and bath towels it would have been done sooner.  

The hunt for accessories continues...

Got my first Stitch Fix

Polka dot top ftw - getting mail AND shopping.  Life is SO sweet.

Roasted Jicama Chips via Stuft Mama.  Dip them in Sabra Tuscan Humus.  It'll change your life. They are even more amazing the next day. Recipe on the Eat page.

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Corn thins and PB Crave. Sweet, crunchy, heaven. 

Boozing for a cause. Peeled off labels with Goo Gone, cleaned, and sprayed with Chalkboard paint. I DIY'ed my rear off for the shower.

Road trip to the windy city with this gal to run this race. Our hotel was the most incredible hotel stay I've had thus far in my life. So much I'm dedicating a full post to it.  Dear Langham, I love you. 

The hounds and I walked over to the park one morning to meet and cheer on Mel who was running a 5k.

I swear I looked at the course start, yet still found myself on the other side of the park so the hounds an I had to scurry, but luckily made it in time. 

I'm pretty sure I walked up to Mel with both dogs acting like jerks and sweating like a weirdo. 

But just as I thought, she was SUPER sweet, gave me a big hug and we chatted like we'd known each other forever. The hounds got jealous and demanded affection too.  Mel, I'm pretty sure I owe you a new white tank - can't take them anywhere.

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After she got lined up the hounds and I took our post as official race photogs - which pretty much means we ran around the course, snapped pics of Mel, and cheered her on. 

Literally every time she passed us she had the biggest, most infectious smile, and looked so at ease. I wanna run effortlessly like Mel does. Just saying.

She did fab, and after catching her breath and chatting for a bit longer we parted ways.

Stop by 4Kottez and show Mel some love, home girl placed 4th!! 

Slow, smoky heat. Gosh I love Trader Joes. 

Like, ALOT

We started taking Pro Biotic supplements. It's been almost a month, and personally I can tell a difference.  I've had no no stomach issues since I started taking them. Hallelujah!  

Pro biotic - 1, sen-si-tive tunny - 0

Cold brew coffee.  The only way I've survived the summer.  There is nothing better than a cold, iced coffee in the summer, and this does the trick.  Add in your own milk and sweetener - boom.  Happiness in a glass. 

After 4 weeks off, a race, and a MRI it's official: "Subtle Tibial Stress Fracture". Let me say that when your entire leg swells and the pain is almost ER worthy, there is nothing subtle about it. 

Then last week on our annual work trip to the Lake, I broke my baby toe. In my defense I was worried I'd get the boot wet on the boat so left it in my room. Less than an hour later, that happened.  So there's that for karma. Thankfully we had electrical tape.  Nothing but class over here. 

Because I'm the poster child for klumsy (read: this is the third time I've broken it) I knew it was broken since it made the same "pop" and became displaced.  Luckily/unluckily I watched the ER tech reset my toe so I can save an embarrassing trip to the ER and do it myself.

So short hair hobbled her behind to get her boot, and rode off into the sunset with a throbbing foot. On the bright side, the toe is on the same side as my stress fracture.  

Hey, when life hands you lemons...

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  1. I want to try that coconut water coffee!!! Thanks for the heads up and I'm on the search!!
    I hate seeing your boot! :( and resetting your own broken are badass!!!!


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