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Sep 4, 2013

It should come as no surprise I've got issues -

With my body whilst running.  Wait, what did you think I meant??? 

Moving on.

When I started running I just ran like I thought I should - as if I were being chased, but not wild enough to elicit stares. Simple enough.

Mold for my custom orthotics. Jealous? 
With such stellar body mechanics it goes without saying coupled with my genetic make up (poor body architecture, thanks Mom and Dad), short hair is a petri dish for injury (in order: hereherehere). 

So when my favorite running store held a clinic right around the time I was injured, I knew it was kismet.   

Good Form Running Clinic

The Good Form Running clinic provides an overview of what we consider the most important components of efficient running form. We present key points in a simple and easy to apply manner while giving individual feedback and attention. The objective is to provide GFR attendees with the necessary tools to run easier, faster and injury free.

Each clinic will include
  • An introduction to the four fundamental points of Good Form Running
  • Video gait analysis where each participant is filmed
  • Drills to help us practice all of the principles
  • Time for questions about form, injuries, footwear etc...

The clinic is limited to 14 people so that each person receive personal attention. An hour or so in length the it covers the four aspects of good form, drills, and a gait analysis at the end. It was extremely helpful to run like I was, then, under supervision run while being coached on proper body form, alignment and foot strike. The gait analysis is viewed at the end, and for me its pretty much the same experience as hearing yourself on digital recorder - "that's not my voice/running style".  

After the clinic (and the subsequent release from the doc the first time) I utilized the four points in some aspect over my runs and noticed a difference, for the better. 

I'm truly thankful to live in a community that offers programs to help better the sport they love, and I personally cannot wait to get back to running and continue to run more efficiently. Because if there is one thing I've learned during my injury - I am a runner.  Nothing fulfills me more or satiates my soul than a good run, toeing up to the start line, or going for a leisure jog.  Its funny how you don't fully appreciate how large a part of your life something is until you are told not to, isn't it?

More info in Good Form, here.


If you are looking for some extra ab work, this gal is hosting an Ab challenge for fun.  I'm on day #7 today and can already feel a difference. C'mon abs, I need you for FL!

Have YOU ever gone to a running clinic? What kind?

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  1. I have never gone but now I so want to...

  2. That's awesome!!! I swear I need to move to StL!! Great people and great running opportunities!!


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