Red Solo Cup

Sep 19, 2013

Despise country music (the genre, not the people), but LOVE that song.  Ok, the chorus. 

Moving on. 

Fact: I have only lived on my own, once in my adult life from August 2011- May 2013

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The remaining years of have been spent in: my childhood home, college dorm rooms, back home, into my first house, my first apartment, now M's house.

So essentially I haven't spent much quality time solo save for two years - out of thirty one. Which, looking back was the first time I'd developed habits, formed routines, and made decisions solely based on my own needs. Cuz I lived alone. By myself. Ok, I had a dog. Whatever. 

If you stopped by without a heads up, I'd turn off all the lights and pretend not to be home. Fact. I also did this in the dorms because my smother made me watch to many after school specials and I didn't want my own Lifetime movie.

"Creatures". If there was a bug, I broke into cold sweats, declared it was time to move, turned on all the lights, screamed as if I'd just been captured by Freddy Kruger, and stared at it until a) I had enough courage to try to kill it, or b) whomever I called sobbing into the phone came over and killed it. 

Of note: I've had this charming trait throughout my whole life.

Err meal. Cuz eating out of the box of Kashi like an animal is what makes the world go round. Ice cream in a mixing bowl? Bring it. 

When M asked me to take control over his life move in with him, short hair assumed all one had to do was call the building company and give them a heads up. Wrong. Apparently a lease is a binding contract?! And I signed it.  Never living on my own I had no idea what to do, so I told M I couldn't possibly move in until after my lease was up, cuz I signed a contract. Wish I was joking. Turns out you can "break your lease" -why didn't they just say that!? 

So the Oregon trail of moving began, starting with the hounds. And my shoes. Priorities.

The hounds settled in effortlessly from spending half time to full time in one home. Probably because they can dance on tables, and get a pool here.

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I, on the other hand took a bit to get settled. Three months, whatever. 

In the meantime, we lived like hoarders until I took the time to unpack each box I'd so carefully dumped whatever was in arms reach into. 

Eventually, I became a better person and got down to bizness. Which M calls "hiding all his things and replacing them with mine." 

Po-ta-to, Po-ta-toe

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After I rearranged everything inside, I went outside. But it was efing hot and a fly flew in front of my face, so I just supervised M planting these flowers I bought. But I put the flag there. So technically I did it all.

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Once "my work was done", I relaxed. 

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Apparently I relaxed too much, cuz that happened. Dirty dished go inside the dishwasher. Beavis.

So now he can only eat over the sink. He is so lucky to have me around.

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