The Aftermath

Sep 13, 2013

This is the last part of the journey so far, I promise.  Thanks for hanging in there while I journal this experience.

Post race (read more - here, here) the pain wouldn't let up, my entire leg was swollen and tender to touch, so after we returned home first order of business was to make an appointment to see the ortho. 

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Knowing cabin fever would set cross (again) training kept me busy till my appointment.  That, and the DVR.

Appointment time came and I was eager to figure out what was (still) going on. He did an ultrasound (never knew they used it for stuff other than babies?!), found no issues with ligaments/tendons/muscle, so ordered an MRI.  In the meantime, non weight bearing activity, like before, so basically any activity that didn't give me pain. 

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Luckily this lovely lady was running a 5k in my hood that weekend between the doctor appointment and MRI so the hounds and I got to meet and cheer her on (read more - here).  

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The next day was a Bride's 5k with A, C, and another maid. Luckily she was on the injured list too, so we walked, talked, and cheated. But not how you think.  We were the last people, plus it was less than .2 miles, and there were no chip timers (even though we weren't planning on our performance placing). 

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The MRI came, and to be honest I didn't know what to think. Unsure at this point if it was my overactive imagination, chronic pain, or actual injury I felt a little foolish walking into the MRI. Trust me, don't Google diagnose your symptoms, it just causes #99problems.

Too chicken to ask the tech - I'd ask to read my magazine while in the tube and he quickly vetoed any ideas I had of beating boredom for the next hour. I even promised to "hold real still". No dice. Hater.  Something about the image not being clear if I move whilst turning the pages. Whatever.

Eager to receive the results a) because I was a stress ball of anxiety, and b) was leaving for a work trip in two days, the doctors office allowed me to call in for my results. Diagnosis: "Subtle Tibial Stress Fracture". He prescribed SIX weeks off running, and the option to wear a boot. At this point I wasn't upset, but emotionally detached from it all - I had barely ran all summer, and this was the latch on the Celine bag. So the boot and I hit the road the next am for the Lake, I made a mental note to cancel the rest of my race calendar for 2013 - work trip here we come. 

After the work was done, I went out on my coworker/friends boat - and, in an effort not to get the boot wet, left it in my room. Obviously that meant less than an hour later I broke my baby toe (again!) on that same foot.

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So, instead of just the moon boot, I now had pain and a displaced toe to maneuver. Lovely. 

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So, the whiny profanity laced baby trooper I am, had my toe reset, with electrical tape, and spent the rest of the afternoon in the pool (oh the stares at the moon boot and electrical tape!) sipping cocktails to numb the pain and laughing at it all. 

Once home, the option of Hot Yoga (that I'd planned to do at a new studio by me) was out, so it was back to Tracy Anderson Mat, and an ab challenge

The awe from the hounds with regards to the moon boot is hilarious. First, morbid curiosity. Then, fear. But I did chase them around the house with it.

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Trust me, it was much better than the bouts of anger/frustration/pouting/sobbing. 

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Once I got the hang of it all (not really), it wasn't so bad. Shoe for the uninjured foot, moon boot for the gimpy foot, subbed out for a flip flop while driving. The super sexy white sock action? That came with the moon boot so it wouldn't smell like I'd pulled it from the depths of a landfill. Have I, on more than five occasions gotten out of the car, with full knowledge this action was happening below, and go about my errands. Absolutely. Short hair don't care. 

Tip: use/get a shoe the same/similar height to the moon boot (sport related tennis shoes are pretty close). Being uneven (wearing the boot) throws of your gait, jacks with your hips, and makes your back hurt. 

Vanity - 0, Sensibility  - 1

In happy news:

I signed up for a Cara Box exchange this September - matches here, here. Have I spent an inordinate amount of time stalking their blogs and carefully selecting items for the box? Yep.  Things I love: Mail and meeting new people.

I received a coupon for Bistro MD in a recent KlutchClub box, and was delivered yesterday. Can't wait to try it starting Sunday! Five days of meals curated based on my needs - boom. It's about to get delicious over here.

Here's to an awesome weekend - and praying I feel better soon. Being sick is zero fun.

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